Grafana Cloud

WSO2 Enterprise Integrator integration for Grafana Cloud

WSO2 Streaming Integrator allows you to implement streaming ETL, change data capture (CDC), and process large files and real-time APIs. You can connect and realize event-driven architectures with distributed streaming systems such as Kafka, Amazon SQS, and more.

To use this integration:

  1. Enable the Prometheus endpoint on your WSO2 Streaming Integrator nodes. Please refer to the official documentation.
  2. In the agent configuration file, the agent must be pointed to server, such as wso2-si-node1:9201 in the example below, that exposes a /metrics endpoint.
  wal_directory: /tmp/wal
    - name: integrations
        - job_name: integrations/wso2-streaming-integrator
            - targets: ['wso2-si-node1:9005', 'wso2-si-node2:9005']
        - url: http://cortex:9009/api/prom/push

This integration was designed based on the dashboards publicly available on WSO2 Github. It is updated to use the most recent panel versions and enables both a course and fine grained evaluation of your Streaming Integrator instances and Siddhi server and applications.