Ubiquiti EdgeRouter integration for Grafana Cloud

Ubiquiti EdgeRouter dashboard lets you see vital metrics on throughput, errors, and traffic distribution.

Install Ubiquiti EdgeRouter integration for Grafana Cloud

  1. In your Grafana instance, Click Integrations and Connections (lightning bolt icon), then click on install integration on Ubiquiti EdgeRouter tile.
  2. Wait for the integration to be installed and then follow the steps shown to setup Grafana Agent to automatically scrape and send Ubiquiti EdgeRouter metrics to your Cloud Instance.

Pre-install configuration for the Ubiquiti EdgeRouter integration

You must enable the SNMP service on your router before the Grafana Agent can scrape metrics from it.

You can find details on how to enable SNMP on your router in the official Ubiquiti support docs.

Post-install configuration for the Ubiquiti EdgeRouter integration

The SNMP integration uses the embedded SNMP exporter inside the Grafana agent.

It also requires a specific module, which defines only the SNMP OIDs used by this dashboard.

If you are familiar with the SNMP exporter, and are generating your own configuration for it, you can find the definition for the required ubnt_router module here.

Otherwise, you can use the pre-generated config which includes only this module here.

In either case, you will need to add the path to your fully rendered snmp.yml with the ubnt_router module, or the pre-generated config, to the SNMP configuration of the Grafana Agent. An example is shown below, note the config_file: parameter. Also, be sure to replace <router_1_address> with the hostname or IP of your router.

  enabled: true
  config_file: </path/to/snmp.yml>
  - name: router_1
    address: <router_1_address>
    module: ubnt_router
    walk_params: ubnt_router
      version: 2
        community: public

For more details of the configuration, see the snmp exporter configuration.


This integration includes the following dashboards.

  • Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Overview

System Identification, Uptime & System, CPU


Memory, Interface






ICMP, Routing/Forwarding, SNMP



Below is a list of the metrics used on the dashboards and in alerts of the integration and are automatically written to your Grafana Cloud instance.

  • hrProcessorLoad
  • hrStorageSize
  • hrStorageUsed
  • hrSystemNumUsers
  • hrSystemProcesses
  • hrSystemUptime
  • icmpMsgStatsInPkts
  • icmpMsgStatsOutPkts
  • icmpStatsInErrors
  • icmpStatsInMsgs
  • icmpStatsOutErrors
  • icmpStatsOutMsgs
  • ifHCInBroadcastPkts
  • ifHCInMulticastPkts
  • ifHCInOctets
  • ifHCInUcastPkts
  • ifHCOutBroadcastPkts
  • ifHCOutMulticastPkts
  • ifHCOutOctets
  • ifHCOutUcastPkts
  • ifInDiscards
  • ifInErrors
  • ifInUnknownProtos
  • ifNiceName
  • ifOutDiscards
  • ifOutErrors
  • inetCidrRouteNumber
  • ipForwardNumber
  • ipRoutingDiscards
  • ipSystemStatsHCInBcastPkts
  • ipSystemStatsHCInDelivers
  • ipSystemStatsHCInForwDatagrams
  • ipSystemStatsHCInMcastPkts
  • ipSystemStatsHCInReceives
  • ipSystemStatsHCOutBcastPkts
  • ipSystemStatsHCOutForwDatagrams
  • ipSystemStatsHCOutMcastPkts
  • ipSystemStatsHCOutRequests
  • ipSystemStatsHCOutTransmits
  • ipSystemStatsInAddrErrors
  • ipSystemStatsInDiscards
  • ipSystemStatsInHdrErrors
  • ipSystemStatsInNoRoutes
  • ipSystemStatsInTruncatedPkts
  • ipSystemStatsInUnknownProtos
  • ipSystemStatsOutDiscards
  • ipSystemStatsOutFragCreates
  • ipSystemStatsOutFragFails
  • ipSystemStatsOutFragOKs
  • ipSystemStatsOutFragReqds
  • ipSystemStatsOutNoRoutes
  • ipSystemStatsReasmFails
  • ipSystemStatsReasmOKs
  • ipSystemStatsReasmReqds
  • laLoadInt
  • memAvailReal
  • memBuffer
  • memCached
  • memShared
  • memTotalFree
  • snmpInGetNexts
  • snmpInGetRequests
  • snmpInGetResponses
  • snmpInPkts
  • snmpInTotalReqVars
  • snmpOutGetNexts
  • snmpOutGetRequests
  • snmpOutGetResponses
  • snmpOutPkts
  • ssCpuRawIdle
  • ssCpuRawInterrupt
  • ssCpuRawKernel
  • ssCpuRawNice
  • ssCpuRawSoftIRQ
  • ssCpuRawSystem
  • ssCpuRawUser
  • ssCpuRawWait
  • ssIORawReceived
  • ssIORawSent
  • ssRawContexts
  • ssRawInterrupts
  • sysContact
  • sysDescr
  • sysLocation
  • sysName
  • tcpActiveOpens
  • tcpAttemptFails
  • tcpCurrEstab
  • tcpEstabResets
  • tcpInErrs
  • tcpInSegs
  • tcpOutRsts
  • tcpOutSegs
  • tcpPassiveOpens
  • tcpRetransSegs
  • udpInDatagrams
  • udpInErrors
  • udpNoPorts
  • udpOutDatagrams


# 0.0.1 - October 2022

* Initial Release


By connecting your Ubiquiti EdgeRouter instance to Grafana Cloud you might incur charges. To view information on the number of active series that your Grafana Cloud account uses for metrics included in each Cloud tier, see Active series and dpm usage and Cloud tier pricing.