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Self-hosted Grafana Mimir integration for Grafana Cloud

Grafana Mimir is an open source software project that provides a scalable long-term storage for Prometheus. Grafana Enterprise Metrics (or GEM) is the enterprise version of Grafana Mimir. You can install both of these products via the Grafana Mimir Helm chart.

This integration helps you to monitor a Mimir or GEM cluster that has been installed via the Helm chart. It is also possible to use this integration if Mimir has been deployed another way. For more information, see Send metrics and logs without the Helm chart . The integration provides dashboards and recording rules that help you to track the health of the cluster and understand per-tenant usage and behavior.

The integration has two parts:

  • one that is managed by Grafana Cloud, which includes Grafana dashboards and recording rules from the Mimir monitoring mixin
  • one that is managed by you, which includes a configuration to scrape and collect logs and metrics from Mimir or GEM, and send them to Grafana Cloud.

Before you begin

The integration relies on metrics from kube-state-metrics, cAdvisor, and kubelet. Make sure that you have installed and enabled them in your Kubernetes cluster before you begin. Otherwise, some of the dashboards in the integration will display No data.

Some of the dashboards contain panels related to disk usage. These panels rely on node_exporter metrics. To include them, see Additional resources metrics .

Note: Scraping node_exporter is not part of this integration.

Install Self-hosted Grafana Mimir integration for Grafana Cloud

To install dashboards and recording rules in your Grafana Cloud stack:

  1. Go to your Grafana instance.
  2. Click Integrations and Connections (lightning bolt icon).
  3. Find and click on the Self-Hosted Grafana Mimir tile.
  4. Click on the tile and then click Install integration.
  5. If you are using Helm chart version 3.0.0 or higher, you can skip setting up a Grafana Agent instance.

To set up the collection of metrics and logs, follow the steps in Collecting metrics and logs from Grafana Mimir .

The details you should use in the Helm values are the credentials and URLs of your Grafana Cloud Metrics and Logs instances. For information about how to create a Grafana Cloud API key, see Create a Grafana Cloud API key.