Grafana Cloud Data configuration Grafana integrations Install and manage integrations

Install and manage integrations

You can install and manage your Grafana integrations in the Integrations and Connections page in your Grafana Cloud instance.

See Integrations to learn more about Grafana integrations.

See Currently available Integrations for a list of integrations.

Installing integrations

Follow the instructions in your browser to install an integration, or refer to the documentation of the specific integration. If you would prefer to manually configure your integration, the documentation will provide you with those options.

Updating and remove an installed integration

Click to select an integration and reveal the same instructions you used when you initially installed the integration. This also reveals an Optional Configuration section, when optional configuration options exist.

To remove an installed integration, click Uninstall.

In the Uninstall tab, click Uninstall Integration to remove the integration from Grafana Cloud, including any dashboards the integration may have installed.

NOTE: Restart Grafana Agent each time you make configuration changes to ensure you have the latest updates.