Grafana Cloud

Understand your Grafana Cloud Traces invoice

Grafana Cloud calculates traces usage by looking at GBs ingested and GBs retained.

GBs ingested

The total number of GBs ingested into Grafana Cloud on a monthly basis.

GBs retained

How long trace data are retained within Grafana Cloud.

The minimum retention period is 30 days and you can purchase additional retention periods in 30-day increments.

Retention is customizable per stack. To enable this, contact Support.

Billing calculations

Billing is based on usage, and usage is determined by these primary factors:

  • The number of GBs ingested per month
  • The number of months of retention

View a usage summary

The Billing and Usage dashboard provides a usage summary for all Grafana Cloud services and billable data sources.

The Billable Traces section displays information about your current traces usage.

View of the traces usage summary in the Billing and Usage dashboard

The Traces Ingestion Details sections in the Usage Drilldown provides detailed information about Trace ingestion Rate, Total Ingested Traces by day, and Discarded Spans.


You can use metrics to view detailed information about usage. Refer to Usage limits for more information.

Find your invoice

You can view your invoice from your Cloud Portal.

To access your invoice:

  1. Sign in to Grafana Cloud.
  2. From the left navigation, select Billing > Invoices.
  3. Select an invoice to view.

The most recent invoice is listed first, and you can view and download it as a PDF or CSV file.