Grafana Cloud

Understand your Grafana Cloud IRM invoice

Grafana Cloud Incident Response & Management (IRM) is a paid add-on that helps you detect, respond, and learn from incidents.

Grafana Cloud Incident Response & Management (IRM) is billed based on monthly active IRM users.

Active usage definition

An active IRM user is defined as a user who is included in OnCall schedules or escalation chains or performs any of the following actions:

  • Change the status of an alert group or OnCall configuration
  • Received a page or paged another user
  • Created edited, or updated an incident

IRM packaging

Grafana Cloud offers different IRM plans to meet your team’s specific needs. The available plans are as follows:

IRM in Cloud Free Grafana IRM is included for up to three active users per month.

IRM in Cloud Pro/Advanced Cloud paid plans come with a limited number of included Grafana IRM users and additional IRM users are priced at $20 per active user per month.

Choosing the right IRM plan

To determine the best IRM plan for your team, consider the following recommendations:

IRM in Cloud Free Suitable for small teams with three or fewer monthly active users. If your usage of metrics, logs, traces, and k6 falls within the Grafana Cloud Free tier, this plan provides a comprehensive IRM solution without any limitations.

IRM in Cloud Pro/Advanced If you require a robust IRM solution and need to scale beyond three active users, you can sign up for a Grafana Cloud paid plan and begin using IRM at scale.