Grafana Cloud Changelog

New updates and improvements to Grafana Cloud.

November 20, 2020

Updates for the month of November.

Agent and integrations

We’re working hard to put out more integrations and continue to improve the experience around configuring these pre-built dashboards and alerts.

  • 7 new integrations have been added: MySQL, Java, Redis, Golang, Etcd, Memcached, and Dnsmasq.
  • Logos have been added to make integrations more identifiable.

Grafana Cloud Alerting

Prometheus alerting and recording rules get even easier to manage in Grafana Cloud with some recent improvements.

Rules and rule group management

You can now create, delete, and manage rule groups directly in Grafana Cloud Alerting.

  • Newly created rule groups will appear at the top.
  • You can now move rules between groups via a drop-down.

Alert silences

You can now create silences for your alerts in Grafana Cloud Alerting. This is all of the same Prometheus Alertmanager functionality unified into our interface. Best of all, it works with your Loki log data, too!

  • While managing notification silences, matching alerts can now be collapsed.

Synthetic Monitoring

We’re continuing to improve the experience of migrating from worldPing to Synthetic Monitoring with Grafana Cloud.

  • Synthetic Monitoring is now installed by default!
  • First time users of Synthetic Monitoring will also be presented with a much friendlier landing page to help with additional configuration.