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Grafana Cloud usage limits

Grafana Cloud continuously provides your account limits in the following metrics:

  • grafanacloud_instance_metrics_limits
  • grafanacloud_logs_instance_limits
  • grafanacloud_traces_instance_limits

To find these limits in your Grafana Cloud instance:

  1. Click Explore (compass icon).
  2. Select grafanacloud-usage from the dropdown menu.
  3. In the Metrics browser query field, enter the metric, for example grafanacloud_instance_metrics_limits.
  4. Click Run query.

The label limit_name provides the specific limit. See below for a complete reference.

Metric usage limits

Limit nameLimit descriptionDefault limit
ingestion_rateThe maximum number of ingested samples per second for a series.10,000
ingestion_burst_sizeThe maximum allowed ingestion burst size (in number of samples).200,000
max_global_series_per_metricThe total maximum series for each metric across the entire instance.20,000
max_global_series_per_userThe total maximum series for each user in an instance.150,000
max_global_exemplars_per_userThe total maximum exemplars for each user in an instance.0 (disabled)
ruler_max_rule_groups_per_tenantThe maximum number of rule groups for an instance.35
ruler_max_rules_per_rule_groupThe maximum number of rules per rule group for an instance.20

Logs usage limits

Limit nameLimit descriptionDefault limit
ingestion_rate_mbPer-user ingestion rate in MB.4
max_global_streams_per_userThe maximum number of active streams per user, across ingesters.5,000
max_query_lookbackQuerier limit on how far back data can be queried.0 (disabled)
max_query_seriesThe maximum unique series that can be returned by a metric query.500
retention_periodCompactor retention for storage, in hours.744

Traces usage limits

Limit nameLimit descriptionDefault limit
max_global_traces_per_userThe maximum number of active traces per user, per ingester.0 (disabled)
max_bytes_per_traceThe maximum size of a trace in bytes.5,000,000
max_search_bytes_per_traceThe maximum size of search data per trace in bytes.5,000
ingestion_rate_limit_bytesPer-user ingestion rate limit in bytes.1,000,000
ingestion_burst_size_bytesPer ingestion burst size in bytes.1,000,000
block_retentionThe duration to keep blocks/traces in seconds.1,209,600