Billing and usage

Billing and usage

Note: If you’re looking for detailed breakdowns of user activity read about the Usage Insights dashboards.

A detailed breakdown of your monthly usage and estimated bill is available in the Billing/Usage dashboard, which is available by default. On this dashboard, you’ll find:

  • Estimates of your total bill for the month, with the amount further broken down between metrics and logs.
  • Estimates of your total usage for the month, also broken down between metrics and logs.
Billing and usage dashboard
Billing and usage dashboard

One quick way to confirm data ingestion into Grafana Cloud is to look at this Billing and Usage dashboard and zooming into the last 5 minutes to check for current active series usage or logs.

To learn more about the data we use for billing, see What are active series and DPM?

To learn more about controlling your data usage, see the following topics:

Usage limits

In addition to the usage information displayed in the Billing Usage dashboard, there are other limits that might be useful in configuring overage alerts. These are grafanacloud_instance_metrics_limits, grafanacloud_logs_instance_limits, and grafanacloud_traces_instance_limits. To find these limits in your Grafana Cloud instance:

  1. Click Explore (compass icon).
  2. Choose the grafanacloud-usage data source from the drop-down menu.
  3. In the Metrics browser query field, enter the metric, e.g. grafanacloud_instance_metrics_limits, and click Run query to view the limits.

Metric usage limits

Limit nameLimit descriptionDefault limit
ingestion_rateThe maximum number of ingested samples per second for a series.10,000
ingestion_burst_sizeThe maximum allowed ingestion burst size (in number of samples).200,000
max_global_series_per_metricThe total maximum series for each metric across the entire instance.20,000
max_global_series_per_userThe total maximum series for each user in an instance.150,000
max_global_exemplars_per_userThe total maximum exemplars for each user in an instance.0 (disabled)
ruler_max_rule_groups_per_tenantThe maximum number of rule groups for an instance.35
ruler_max_rules_per_rule_groupThe maximum number of rules per rule group for an instance.20

Logs usage limits

Limit nameLimit descriptionDefault limit
ingestion_rate_mbPer-user ingestion rate in MB.4
max_global_streams_per_userThe maximum number of active streams per user, across ingesters.5,000
max_query_lookbackQuerier limit on how far back data can be queried.0 (disabled)
max_query_seriesThe maximum unique series that can be returned by a metric query.500
retention_periodCompactor retention for storage, in hours.744

Traces usage limits

Limit nameLimit descriptionDefault limit
max_global_traces_per_userThe maximum number of active traces per user, per ingester.0 (disabled)
max_bytes_per_traceThe maximum size of a trace in bytes.5,000,000
max_search_bytes_per_traceThe maximum size of search data per trace in bytes.5,000
ingestion_rate_limit_bytesPer-user ingestion rate limit in bytes.1,000,000
ingestion_burst_size_bytesPer ingestion burst size in bytes.1,000,000
block_retentionThe duration to keep blocks/traces in seconds.1,209,600

Billing for Active Users

A monthly active user is a user who has logged into their Grafana instance on Grafana Cloud at least once during the billing month, or that is identified as being on an on-call rotation or in an escalation chain in Grafana OnCall during the billing month. For accounts with multiple stacks: if the same user logs into multiple Grafana instances they will be counted only once.

On the 1st of every month the monthly active user count resets to zero. Please refer to your Billing/Usage dashboard to monitor your active user count and estimated charges.

Set an email to receive billing invoices

To select an organization member to receive billing invoices:

  1. Open the Cloud portal.

  2. From the menu on the left, click Members.

  3. Click Update for the member who will receive invoices.

  4. In the pop-up that appears, use the drop down menu to set Receive Billing Email to Yes and click Update Membership.

Billing alerts

While the billing dashboard can’t be edited directly, it is possible to clone it in order to make additional modifications, like adding alerts. Alerts are useful for generating notifications to inform you on your data usage. To clone the billing dashboard and to create alerts for it:

  1. While in the Billing Usage dashboard, click Dashboard settings (gear icon).
  2. Click Save As in the menu on the left.
  3. Give your dashboard a name and specify a different folder, if desired.
  4. Click Save.
  5. For either the Total Billable Metrics Series or the Total Billable Logs Usage panels, click the title bar and select Edit.
  6. Click the Alert tab.
  7. From here, you can configure a Grafana panel alert.