AlertingSilencesCreate URL to link to silence form

Create a URL to link to a silence form

When linking to a silence form, provide the default matching labels and comment via matchers and comment query parameters. The matchers parameter requires one more matching labels of the type [label][operator][value] joined by a comma while the operator parameter can be one of the following: = (equals, not regex), != (not equals, not regex), =~ (equals, regex), !~ (not equals, regex).

For example, to link to silence form with matching labels severity=critical & cluster!~europe-.* and comment Silence critical EU alerts, create a URL https://mygrafana/alerting/silence/new?matchers=severity%3Dcritical%2Ccluster!~europe-*&comment=Silence%20critical%20EU%20alert.

To link to a new silence page for an external Alertmanager, add a alertmanager query parameter with the Alertmanager data source name.