Grafana Cloud

LLM plugin


LLM app plugin is currently in public preview. Grafana Labs offers limited support, and breaking changes might occur prior to the feature being made generally available.

Grafana Cloud offers a range of optional features that leverage Large Language Model (LLM) services. These features are not enabled by default, but you can easily activate them in the Grafana LLM app plugin by approving limited data sharing with the OpenAI API.

The Grafana LLM app centralizes access to Large Language Model (LLM) services across Grafana to secure and simplify your LLM interactions.

The Grafana LLM application plugin serves several key functions:

  • Acts as a proxy, handling authenticated requests to LLMs. This eliminates the requirement for other Grafana components to manage API keys.
  • Enables real-time streaming interactions on the Grafana front end by offering live streams of responses from the LLM provider.

If you prefer, you may also configure your own API authentication from supported LLM providers, including OpenAI and Azure. With this option, the LLM app securely stores API keys for you.

Before you begin

To activate Grafana LLM features, you’ll only need a Grafana Cloud account, including the free tier.

Enterprise or OSS versions of Grafana can also use the LLM app, but won’t have access to the LLM provider built into Cloud. Install the Grafana LLM plugin using the standard plugin installation method for your Grafana version, and bring API authentication for LLM access from an OpenAI compatible service. You can obtain an OpenAI API key from OpenAI’s platform, or Azure OpenAI authentication from the Azure OpenAI service.

For more information, refer to the Plugin management documentation.

Enable LLM features

  1. In Grafana Cloud, click Administration > Plugins and data > Plugins in the side navigation menu.
  2. Browse or search for the LLM plugin and click to open it.
  3. On the Configuration tab, select “Enable OpenAI access via Grafana”.
  4. Click to permit us to share limited data with OpenAI’s API (not for training, and only to provide these features).
  5. Click Save settings.

Now you can start using LLM-related functionality across Grafana. This includes features like:

…unlocking the full potential of generative AI capabilities in Grafana.