Grafana Cloud

StatusPage integration for Grafana Incident

Your StatusPage is a broad and efficient way to communicate incident updates to impacted customers. During an incident, status updates help to mitigate the number of customer reports, alleviate customer support strain, and reduce the number of post-incident communications. needed.

The Grafana Incident StatusPage integration makes it easier for you to provide consistent and reliable updates during an incident. Link your with Grafana Incident to automatically create StatusPage incidents from Grafana Incident.

Install StatusPage integration for Grafana Incident

  1. Click Incidents in the left-side menu.
  2. Click Integrations.
  3. Click the StatusPage tile and then click Install Integration.
  4. Provide a statusPage ID and API key to complete the configuration.

Configure actions to create a StatusPage incident

Save your team the extra step of creating a StatusPage incident manually. For Grafana Incident to automatically create a StatusPage incident, add an event action:

  1. From the StatusPage integration, click Run when an event fires.
  2. Specify that the action should be performed when an incident is declared.
  3. Click Add event action.