Grafana Cloud

OpenAI integration for Grafana Incident

The Grafana Incident OpenAI integration expedites your incident resolution process with AI-generated post-incident summaries. Install the OpenAI integration to make summarizing complex incidents easy and efficient. Incident auto-summary distills the full incident timeline into the most important details, and lets you fine-tune the result before finalizing.

Incident auto-summaries automatically include key details such as:

  • Summary of the incident
  • Timeline of events leading up to the incident
  • Actions that were taken to resolve the incident

Before you begin

Please note that a sanitized version of the incident timeline is sent to the OpenAI API to provide this service. Before configuring the OpenAI integration, be sure to align its usage with your organization’s internal policies.

For more information about data usage and storage, refer to the Data privacy and storage section of this document.

To enable the OpenAI integration:

Install OpenAI integration for Grafana Incident

  1. In the left-side menu of Grafana Cloud, click Alerts & IRM, then click Incidents.
  2. Open the Integrations tab, then click the OpenAI tile.
  3. Review security statements and click Install Integration.
  4. Provide your OpenAI API key and organization ID. You can leave the OpenAI server base URL as the default – – or choose another compatible LLM host.

Once you’ve successfully added your OpenAI credentials, Incident auto-summaries are enabled and ready to use.

Resolve an incident with auto-summary

With auto-summaries enabled, you can quickly create a summary and ensure that important incident details are documented effectively.

To generate a summary while resolving an incident, follow these steps:

  1. From the Resolve Incident window, review the incident details and update labels as needed.
  2. Click Generate auto-summary and wait while your summary is generated.
  3. Once the auto-summary is ready, review it to ensure it includes all the essential information about the incident.
  4. Click Append to summary to copy the generated text into the editable summary area.
  5. Make edits or add any specific details you wish to the generated summary.
  6. Click Resolve with summary to save the summary and resolve the incident.

The summary is included in the incident timeline to make it easier for stakeholders and team members to review an incident quickly, see trends across incidents, and plan related future development or changes.

Data privacy and storage

At Grafana Labs, we take your data privacy very seriously. The Incident OpenAI integration was thoughtfully designed to safeguard your data, with built-in safety measures to protect your most sensitive information.


While Grafana Labs takes steps to protect your data before processing it with OpenAI, you may choose to avoid using this feature for highly-sensitive incidents.

Data sharing details: When you click Generate auto-summary, Grafana Labs sanitizes and compresses the incident’s timeline before processing it with OpenAI, an external third party. OpenAI does not share this data with any third parties or use it for model training purposes.

Data usage and storage: As per OpenAI’s API data usage policy, your data is only temporarily stored to monitor and prevent abuse or misuse.