Grafana Cloud

Atlassian Jira integration for Grafana Incident

The Grafana Incident Jira integration helps you maintain an accurate and reliable Jira Project status during incident response. Link your Jira account to automatically create a Jira bug issue when an incident is declared in Grafana Incident.


This integration is available for Jira Cloud. Currently, self-hosted Jira instances are not supported.

Before you begin

Install Atlassian Jira integration for Grafana Incident

  1. Click Incidents in the left-side menu.
  2. Click Integrations.
  3. Click the Jira tile and enter your Atlassian Server URL, Atlassian user email, and the Atlassian Personal API Token.
  4. Click Install Integration.

Note: Enter the raw token (not <email>:<token>) in the Personal User Access Token field.

Post-install configuration

After the integration is installed, you can configure actions to automatically create a Jira Issue when an incident is declared.

For Grafana Incident to automatically create a Jira Task Issue, add an event action:

  1. From the Jira integration, click Run when an event fires.
  2. Specify:
    • The Jira Project to create issues in.
    • The Issue type to be created (Bug, Task, etc).
    • The Incident active (e.g. In Progress and resolved (e.g Done) statuses.
    • The Action - Incident is declared.
  3. Click Add event action.

When an Incident opened, a Jira issue is automatically opened with the active status. When the Incident is marked as Resolved then the Jira issue will automatically transition to the resolved status.