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Meta monitoring for Cloud

Monitor your alerting metrics to ensure you identify potential issues before they become critical.

Meta monitoring is the process of monitoring your monitoring system and alerting when your monitoring is not working as it should.

In order to enable you to meta monitor, Grafana provides predefined metrics.

Identify which metrics are critical to your monitoring system (for example, Grafana) and then set up how you want to monitor them.

You can use meta-monitoring metrics to understand the health of your alerting system in the following ways:

  1. [Optional] Create a dashboard in Grafana that uses this metric in a panel (just like you would for any other kind of metric).
  2. [Optional] Create an alert rule in Grafana that checks this metric regularly (just like you would do for any other kind of alert rule).
  3. [Optional] Use the Explore module in Grafana.

Meta monitoring metrics

Meta monitoring metrics for Mimir-managed alerts, Loki-managed alerts, and Alertmanager in Grafana Cloud can be queried using the grafanacloud-usage data source.

Use the Metrics Explorer or the Metrics Browser to explore all available metrics within that data source and search for names with rule and alert in them.