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Alerts and IRM

Alerts and IRM

Alerts & IRM is Grafana Cloud’s Incident Response Management (IRM) solution, which enables you to detect, respond, and learn from incidents in one centralized platform.


Grafana’s IRM products (SLOs, Alerting, OnCall, Incident, and Machine Learning) can be integrated to simplify the incident workflow, allowing you to focus on managing incidents rather than navigating through tools.

When an incident occurs, every second counts. On-call staff need to quickly get all the relevant information in front of them in a way that’s easy to digest so they can more successfully investigate the issue and communicate with relevant stakeholders.

With Alerts & IRM, you can detect issues, escalate alerts to the right team, automate essential tasks, and identify actionable insights. Moreover, it’s all presented using the same Grafana dashboards your developers and engineers already know and love.