Grafana Cloud Alerts and IRM
Grafana Cloud

Alerts and IRM

This section includes the following documentation:

  • Grafana Alerting: Allows you to create queries and expressions from multiple data sources, no matter where your data is stored. Grafana Alerting can be used with your existing alert notification systems or can be integrated with Grafana OnCall and Incident.
  • Grafana OnCall: Incident response management tool that provides a centralized view of all your alerts and alert groups, automated escalations and grouping, and on-call scheduling.
  • Grafana Incident: A tool that integrates with Alerting, OnCall, and more to help your team automate tasks, assign roles, and passively collect context during incidents.
  • Grafana Machine Learning: Tool to create predictions of the current or future state of their systems.
  • Grafana SLO: A framework for measuring the quality of service you provide to users based on Service Level Objectives.