Grafana Cloud support options

There are differing types of Grafana Cloud account options, including a free tier. Each has a different feature set and different level of support provided. A feature comparison is available on the pricing page.

Account types and support available for Grafana Cloud users

There are three types of Grafana Cloud accounts:

  • Free: A Free account is intended for small teams and hobbyists to get started. Features are limited, but provide a good mix of what you need to get started with observability. This is also a good way to familiarize yourself with Grafana Cloud. See pricing for details on included features. Support is limited to this documentation set and queries in the public community forums, except for issues like broken accounts. For account-related issues that are not related to “How do I make Grafana Cloud do something?”, click Open a Support Ticket from the Cloud Portal.

  • Pro: Pro is intended for growing use cases, for teams and workloads that require scale, security, and collaboration. Users here are expected to begin with documentation and queries in the public community forums, however email support is available.

    Click Open a Support Ticket from the Cloud Portal with questions you can’t solve on your own. Please note that if you choose to connect an on-premise open-source (OSS) Grafana instance to your Grafana Cloud services, our support team can help with issues on the Grafana Cloud side but will be unable to assist in troubleshooting issues that arise within your on-premise Grafana installation.

  • Advanced: The Advanced tier is designed for large-scale metrics and logs gathering, teams with mission-critical workloads, and teams with many users. These accounts require that you contact support to help us figure out your needs, design a solution, and help you set up your environment. Full support is provided both through the Open a Support Ticket button in the Cloud Portal or talk to your account executive, support engineer, or technical account manager. For more information, contact Grafana

For information about billing, see Billing and usage.

NOTE: Before you open a support ticket for a service problem, check to see if there are any known issues.