Grafana Cloud Account management Availability by region
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Grafana Cloud services regional availability

The availability of Grafana Cloud services varies depending on your geographical location. This table shows which services are available and from what providers, according to region.


As regional support increases, this table will change.
Geographical locationCloud Provider regionAvailability
AustraliaAWS ap-southeast-2Grafana SelfServe & AWS Marketplace
AustraliaGCP australia-southeast1Google Cloud Marketplace
BrazilAWS sa-east-1Grafana SelfServe & AWS Marketplace
BrazilGCP southamerica-east1Google Cloud Marketplace
CanadaAWS ca-central-1Grafana SelfServe & AWS Marketplace
EU BelgiumGCP europe-west1Google Cloud Marketplace
EU GermanyAWS eu-central-1Grafana SelfServe & AWS Marketplace
EU NetherlandsAzure westeuropeAzure Marketplace
EU SwedenAWS eu-north-1Grafana SelfServe & AWS Marketplace
IndiaAWS ap-south-1Grafana SelfServe & AWS Marketplace
IndiaGCP asia-south1Google Cloud Marketplace
SingaporeAWS ap-southeast-1Grafana SelfServe & AWS Marketplace
SingaporeGCP asia-southeast1Google Cloud Marketplace
UKGCP europe-west2Google Cloud Marketplace
US CentralGCP us-central1Google Cloud Marketplace
US CentralAzure centralusAzure Marketplace
US EastAWS us-east-2Grafana SelfServe & AWS Marketplace
US WestAWS us-west-2Grafana SelfServe & AWS Marketplace