Grafana Cloud

Administer hosted Grafana in your Grafana Cloud Stack

Hosted Grafana administrators can use the Administration pages in their Grafana instance to back up Grafana, manage data sources, organizations, teams, users, roles, permissions, and more.

The Grafana Administration documentation has information about the Administration features within Grafana.

Control capabilities using feature toggles

Feature toggles provide a mechanism for letting Grafana administrators activate or deactivate select features withing Grafana. Some of these features may be under development, such as an experimental feature, or generally available.

Refer to the Configure feature toggles documentation for a list of toggles.

Every hosted Grafana stack has a Feature Toggle administration page where you can activate available toggles. This administration page is enabled by default for Grafana Cloud users. Non-hosted Grafana instances may need to enable the featureToggleAdminPage feature toggle.


You may need to contact Grafana Support to activate or change the state of some features toggles.

Saving feature toggle changes prompts a restart of the instance.

For more information, refer to Manage feature toggles.