This is documentation for the next version of Enterprise traces. For the latest stable release, go to the latest version.

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v1.0.0 – November 9, 2021

  • Binary (Linux AMD64)
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    • SHA256: 131fd6c475c0fd2e2b866b0d81c39508d69cf249b9cc4b48c3e06e25e4a68819
  • Deb (Linux AMD64)
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    • SHA256: b035a08ae9efc4164663db322fffbc8236da0f59b89f3b39a1de9e2cfcf8bc16
  • RPM (Linux AMD64)
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    • SHA256: 197a3b803df18588a2c0494a5c5b8e200614562192f7b2cfdbe7d4031bf9b46a
  • Docker image: run docker pull grafana/enterprise-traces:v1.0.0 (digest: sha256:a1387b3db104c90c0e9ac7822245374a63be3f83d38c0ab3961ce10e44203cd9)
  • License: Grafana Labs license


  • [CHANGE] Initial release of Grafana Enterprise Traces based off Tempo v1.2.0
    • [FEATURE] Add Admin API service.
    • [FEATURE] Add Gateway service.
    • [FEATURE] Add cluster query federation federation.
    • [FEATURE] Add enterprise authorization to the read path.
    • [FEATURE] Add enterprise authorization to the write path.

Upstream info

  • Tempo commit hash: fb38a063847afb36bb1225891ccf80db1811d410