Important: This documentation is about an older version. It's relevant only to the release noted, many of the features and functions have been updated or replaced. Please view the current version.

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Version 2.6 release notes

Grafana Labs is excited to announce the release of Grafana Enterprise Metrics (GEM) 2.6, which is built on top of Grafana Mimir 2.6.

GEM 2.6 inherits all of the features, enhancements, and bugfixes that are in the Grafana Mimir 2.6 release. Given this, it’s best to start with the Grafana Mimir 2.6 release notes.

Features and enhancements

  • The Graphite Querier has experimental support for optional rate limiting at the subquery level. This can be set by the .max-concurrent-sub-queries-per-request flag.
  • The Graphite Querier storage aggregation method set in storage-aggregation.conf can no longer be overridden during runtime using consolidateBy when metrictank is used as a render engine for remote queries.
  • The Graphite Querier endpoint /tags/autoComplete/values now takes input time range into account. Previously only tag values in the last hour were returned.
  • Similarly, the Graphite Querier now respects to/until parameters for /find and /tags endpoints. Though if to/until is greater than the current time, it iss adjusted to the current time. Previously this value was always overwritten by the current time
  • The Graphite Querier now supports the /metrics/expand endpoint.
  • The number of requests to object storage has been improved in the versioned bucket client.
  • All base container images have been updated from alpine:3.16.2 to alpine:3.17.1.


The mimir-distributed Helm chart is now release separately from GEM. See the Grafana mimir-distributed Helm chart documentation for more information including release notes for when 2.6 is included.

Upgrade considerations

  • There are no breaking changes in this release of GEM

This release also inherits the upgrade considerations from the Grafana Mimir 2.6 release.

After you upgrade to GEM 2.6, upgrade your GEM plugin to the latest version. For more information about the most recent enhancements and bugfixes in the GEM plugin, see the Grafana Enterprise Metrics: Changelog.

Bug fixes


  • Fix issue where authentication caches were not sized correctly resulting in poor performance


  • Updated Go version to 1.19.8 to fix CVE-2023-24538
  • Updated base image from alpine 3.17.1 to 3.17.3