Version 2.11 release notes

Grafana Labs is excited to announce the release of Grafana Enterprise Metrics (GEM) 2.11, which is built on top of Grafana Mimir 2.11.

GEM 2.11 inherits all the features, enhancements, and bugfixes that are in the Grafana Mimir 2.11 release. Given this, it’s best to start with the Grafana Mimir 2.11 release notes.

Features and enhancements

Audit log sampling can now be set to a decimal value, which allows sampling rates below 1%. For example, setting admin-api.auditlogging.sample-rate to 0.1 means sampling of 0.1%.

Authentication can now be disabled for debugging endpoints via the configuration flag -auth.required-for-debug. The default behavior of requiring auth has not changed.

Graphite Query support has been enhanced to include the following:

  • The tag details endpoint now supports the from and to parameters to control the queried time range.
  • The new flag -graphite.querier.max-query-length limits the largest time range allowed for queries. This is useful to prevent out of memory errors when processing very large queries.
  • The value -1 is now supported for maxDataPoints in order to disable maxDataPoints consolidation in the /render endpoint. This brings the behavior closer in line with native Graphite.

Upgrade considerations

In Grafana Enterprise Metrics 2.11 the following behavior has changed:

  • Support for AWS Marketplace licenses has been removed along with the cli option -license.type=aws-marketplace.
  • The utilization-based read path limiter now operates on Go heap size instead of RSS from the Linux proc file system.

The following configuration options had been previously deprecated and are removed in Grafana Enterprise Metrics 2.11:

  • The CLI flag -querier.iterators.
  • The CLI flag -query.batch-iterators.
  • The CLI flag -blocks-storage.bucket-store.bucket-index.enabled.
  • The CLI flag -blocks-storage.bucket-store.chunk-pool-min-bucket-size-bytes.
  • The CLI flag -blocks-storage.bucket-store.chunk-pool-max-bucket-size-bytes.
  • The CLI flag -blocks-storage.bucket-store.max-chunk-pool-bytes.

The following configuration options are deprecated and will be removed in Grafana Enterprise Metrics 2.13:

  • The CLI flag -log.buffered; this is now the default behavior.

The following metrics are removed:

  • cortex_query_frontend_workers_enqueued_requests_total; use cortex_query_frontend_enqueue_duration_seconds_count instead.

The following configuration option defaults were changed:

  • The CLI flag -blocks-storage.bucket-store.index-header.sparse-persistence-enabled now defaults to true.
  • The default value for the CLI flag -blocks-storage.bucket-store.index-header.lazy-loading-concurrency was changed from 0 to 4.
  • The default value for the CLI flag -blocks-storage.tsdb.series-hash-cache-max-size-bytes was changed from 1GB to 350MB.
  • The default value for the CLI flag -blocks-storage.tsdb.early-head-compaction-min-estimated-series-reduction-percentage was changed from 10 to 15.

This release also inherits the upgrade considerations from the Grafana Mimir 2.11 release.

After you upgrade to GEM 2.11, upgrade your GEM plugin to the latest version. For more information about the most recent enhancements and bugfixes in the GEM plugin, see the Grafana Enterprise Metrics: Changelog.

Bug fixes


  • Failed release process. See v2.11.1.


  • Network errors are now responded with 598 status code instead of 504 (originally 408).
  • Update base image to alpine:3.18.4
  • Fix federation-frontend panic because of nil ExemplarQueryable
  • Fix execution: attempted to read series at index X from ingester chunks stream, but the stream has series with index Y errors when multiple LBAC label selectors apply to a request and ingester to querier or store-gateway to querier chunks streaming is enabled.