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static_labels stage

The static_labels stage is an action stage that adds static-labels to the label set that is sent to Loki with the log entry.


  [ <string>: [<string>] ... ]


For the given pipeline:

- json:
      stream: stream
- labels:
- static_labels:
    custom_key: custom_val

Given the following log line:

{"log":"log message\n","stream":"stderr","time":"2019-04-30T02:12:41.8443515Z"}

The first stage would extract stream into the extracted map with a value of stderr. The labels stage would turn that key-value pair into a label. The static_labels stage would add the provided static labels into the label set.

The resulting entry that is sent to Loki will contain stream="stderr" and custom_key="custom_val" as labels.