Grafana Alloy is the new name for our distribution of the OTel collector. Grafana Agent has been deprecated and is in Long-Term Support (LTS) through October 31, 2025. Grafana Agent will reach an End-of-Life (EOL) on November 1, 2025. Read more about why we recommend migrating to Grafana Alloy.

Important: This documentation is about an older version. It's relevant only to the release noted, many of the features and functions have been updated or replaced. Please view the current version.

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vsphere config (beta) next

The vsphere_config block configures the vmware_exporter integration, an embedded version of vmware_exporter, configured to collect vSphere metrics. This integration is considered beta.

Configuration reference:

    # Enables autoscrape of integrations.
    [enable: <boolean> | default = true]

    # Specifies the metrics instance name to send metrics to. Instance
    # names are located at metrics.configs[].name from the top-level config.
    # The instance must exist.
    # As it is common to use the name "default" for your primary instance,
    # we assume the same here.
    [metrics_instance: <string> | default = "default"]

    # Autoscrape interval and timeout. Defaults are inherited from the global
    # section of the top-level metrics config.
    [scrape_interval: <duration> | default = <>]
    [scrape_timeout: <duration> | default = <>]

  # Integration instance name. This will default to the host:port of the configured
  # vsphere_url.
  [instance: <string> | default = <vsphere_url>]

  # Number of managed objects to include in each request to vsphere when
  # fetching performance counters.
  [request_chunk_size: <int> | default = 256]

  # Number of concurrent requests to vsphere when fetching performance counters.
  [collect_concurrency: <int> | default = 8]

  # Interval on which to run vsphere managed object discovery. Setting this to a
  # non-zero value will result in object discovery running in the background. Each
  # scrape will use object data gathered during the last discovery.
  # When this value is 0, object discovery occurs per scrape.
  [discovery_interval: <duration> | default = 0]
  [enable_exporter_metrics: <boolean> | default = true]

  # The url of the vCenter SDK endpoint
  vsphere_url: <string>

  # vCenter username
  vsphere_user: <string>

  # vCenter password
  vsphere_password: <string>

Quick configuration example

    - vsphere_url:
      vsphere_user: user
      vsphere_password: pass
      request_chunk_size: 256
      collect_concurrency: 8
      instance: vsphere
        enable: true
        metrics_instance: default

  wal_directory: /tmp/grafana-agent-wal
  log_level: debug