This is documentation for the next version of Agent. For the latest stable release, go to the latest version.

Set up Grafana AgentInstall the Grafana Agent binary

Install the Grafana Agent binary

Install Grafana Agent and get it up and running using a binary file.


Binary executables are provided for the most common operating systems. Choose the binary from the Assets list on the Releases page that matches your operating system.

ppc64le builds are currently considered secondary release targets and do not have the same level of support and testing as other platforms.


  1. Navigate to Releases.

    This page includes instructions for downloading static binaries that are published with every release. These releases contain binary executables for Windows, Linux and macOS.

  2. Scroll down to the Assets section.

  3. Download the version that matches your operating system.

  4. Extract the package contents into a directory.

  5. Enter chmod +x “file name” in your command line to check that it is executable.