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Deploy Grafana Agent Flow on Kubernetes

Grafana Agent Flow can be deployed on Kubernetes by using the Helm chart for Grafana Agent.

Before you begin

  • Install Helm on your computer.
  • Configure a Kubernetes cluster that you can use for Grafana Agent Flow.
  • Configure your local Kubernetes context to point to the cluster.


Note: These instructions show you how to install the generic Helm chart for Grafana Agent Flow. You can deploy Grafana Agent either in static mode or flow mode. The Helm chart deploys Grafana Agent Flow by default.

To deploy Grafana Agent on Kubernetes using Helm, run the following commands in a terminal window:

  1. Add the Grafana Helm chart repository:

    helm repo add grafana
  2. Update the Grafana Helm chart repository:

    helm repo update
  3. Install Grafana Agent:

    helm install RELEASE_NAME grafana/grafana-agent

    Replace RELEASE_NAME with a name to use for your Grafana Agent installation, such as grafana-agent-flow.

For more information on the Grafana Agent Helm chart, refer to the Helm chart documentation on Artifact Hub.

Next steps