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Component metrics

Grafana Agent Flow components may optionally expose Prometheus metrics which can be used to investigate the behavior of that component. These component-specific metrics are only generated when an instance of that component is running.

Component-specific metrics are different than any metrics being processed by the component. Component-specific metrics are used to expose the state of a component for observability, alerting, and debugging.

Component-specific metrics are exposed at the /metrics HTTP endpoint of the Grafana Agent HTTP server, which defaults to listening on http://localhost:12345.

The documentation for the grafana-agent run command describes how to modify the address Grafana Agent listens on for HTTP traffic.

Component-specific metrics will have a component_id label matching the component ID generating those metrics. For example, component-specific metrics for a prometheus.remote_write component labeled production will have a component_id label with the value prometheus.remote_write.production.

The reference documentation for each component will describe the list of component-specific metrics that component exposes. Not all components will expose metrics.