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Migrate plugins from Grafana version 10.x to 11.x

Follow these instructions to migrate plugins from Grafana version 10.x to 11.x

Query filtering in data source plugins

Over the years, query filtering and hiding in data source plugins has been causing confusion among developers and users. In Grafana 11, we're introducing a few changes that addresses this.

Responses associated with hidden queries will be removed automatically by Grafana

Responses that are associated with queries where hide: true will be removed by Grafana. Queries where hide: true will still be executed unless they're prevented from it in the data source filterQuery method, but the associated responses will no longer be passed to the panel. To align the UI with this behaviour, the tooltip in the query editor row is changed from Disable query to Hide response/Show response.

The filterQuery method will be called before the query method

For data sources that extend DataSourceWithBackend, the filterQuery method is now called before the data source query method. If the filterQuery method assumes that some kind of query migration happens before this method is called, you now need to do the migration inside this method.