Basic SNMP data


Display basic SNMP data collected on Linux hosts with OpenNMS 21.0.x for use in OpenNMS Helm 1.0.1 with Grafana 4.6.0 with R. To use the Trend lines you should choose "now+3h" using the time chooser.
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This dashboard is inteded for OpenNMS 21.x with OpenNMS Helm 1.x and Grafana 4.6.0. It shows performance metrics collected via SNMP.


The forecasts require R to be installed on the grafana/opennms-helm server. This can be done on Ubuntu with the following command:

$ sudo apt-get install r-recommended

2h trends can be seen entering "now+3h" in the time chooser.


  • Revision 5

    • Added DiskIOIndex (Disk Load)
    • Added Number of users panel
    • Added Number of processes panel
    • Added System uptime panel
    • Added Top row with Load, #Users, #Process, Uptime
    • Merged Swap statistics and TCP statistics
  • Revision 4

    • Added LM Sensor data
    • Beautified interface and hrStorage names