Statseeker Device Viewer


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This dashboard duplicates the Statseeker Device Viewer report, as seen within the Statseeker product. It is intended as both an example, and a starting point for creating dashboards in Grafana that feature data collected by Statseeker.

Note: this dashboard uses the Statseeker - Grafana Datasource Plugin, see for details.


  • A Statseeker v5.2, or later, server
  • A Grafana v4.3, or later, server
  • A configured Statseeker - Grafana Datasource Plugin, see for details

This dashboard features click-through links on interface metric graphs. These links will load that interface in the Statseeker Interface Details dashboard and so require that the Statseeker Interface Details dashboard ( also be installed in order to work.


Display of device information & metrics:

  • name
  • IP Address
  • System Location
  • System Contact details
  • Ping State
  • Time since last state change
  • Ping return trip times (graph and gauge)
  • CPU Load (graph and gauge)
  • Device Temperature (graph and gauge)
  • Memory Usage (graph and gauge)
  • Rx/Tx Utilization (graphs)


The dashboard includes templates allowing the user to select:

  • Device
  • Data formats
  • Device CPU/s
  • Device memory
  • Interface/s
  • Temperature sensor/s