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Have a spectacular impact on the Grafana community.

The Grafana Champions Program celebrates community experts, amplifies their invaluable contributions and fosters a collaborative partnership with the Grafana team.

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Build community  

As a champion, you’ve shown that you catalyze meaningful connections, uniting individuals in a supportive and collaborative community.

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Cultivate inspiration 

Each contribution ignites a cascade of new ideas and fuels the flame of curiosity. As a champion, your learnings become a wellspring of inspiration, empowering others to embark on their journey of discovery.

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Feel appreciated 

We value your time and dedication to transforming your interests and expertise into contributions. Rest assured; we’re here to provide unwavering support and recognition for your efforts.

Pathway to becoming a Grafana Champion

If you’re a consistent contributor to the Grafana community, then becoming a champion should be seamless – but we’ve put together some quick details on what to expect from this program.


An essential part of being a champion is making consistent contributions, which is why we have a few expectations.
  • Contribute four times per year
  • Communicate regularly with the
    Grafana team
  • Be a good ambassador for the community
Being a champion is making consistent contributions.


Feel empowered to contribute in the most meaningful ways to you and your area of expertise. Examples of contribution types include:
  • Write blog posts
  • Talk on a podcast
  • Create video tutorials 
  • Answer technical questions
  • Present conference or meetup talks
  • Contribute code to our OSS projects 
  • Organize meetups
  • Take part in Grafana Office Hours 
  • Improve our docs
Feel empowered to contribute


We want you to feel valued and supported as a champion, so we’re happy to offer the following perks:
  • Featured blog posts
  • Grafana swag
  • Invitations to Grafana events
  • Access to a private Slack channel with other champions
feel valued and supported as a champion

Read the full terms and conditions for more information. Any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us

Meet the Grafana Champions

Each contribution makes a spectacular impact

Community engagement is at the heart of Grafana

Each contribution makes a spectacular impact; if you’d like to start your journey to becoming a champion check out these opportunities to connect with the community. 

If you’re a first-time contributor and unsure where to start, we encourage you to reach out. We’re here to help and guide you on this journey.

Let us know how you’d like to contribute

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