Hosted Grafana

The cornerstone of GrafanaCloud

Hosted Grafana lets you move faster, and get the most out of the software you know and love. Because you should focus on your apps, not your ops.

Highly available, dedicated to you

We wrote Grafana, and we can host it for you, too.

Highly Available, Dedicated to You
Highly Available, Dedicated to You

Your own highly available, dedicated Grafana instance. Always stable, and always up to date. Stop mucking with VMs and EC2 instances, and leave this to us. Who better to run your Grafana than the core developers?

Proactive Monitoring
Proactive Monitoring

Who watches the watcher? We consider this stuff mission critical. Rest easy knowing that we’re here 24x7x365, watching your query performance, ensuring your alerts always run, and generally keeping your users happy.

Premium Plugins. Premium Support
Support when you need it

Choosing a plan with Basic Support gives you a quick and easy way to get answers from the Grafana team.

Choose a plan that is right for you

The lone wolf

Perfect for personal or homelab use.

  • Single user
  • Up to 5 dashboards
  • SSL

Use for free with our compliments

For small teams

Let us manage the upgrades and uptime.


$4 per additional user/mo

We support you

Our expertise when you need it.

  • 10 users included
  • Unlimited dashboards
  • Unlimited alerts
  • Basic Support
  • Hosted Prometheus
  • Custom Auth
    (LDAP, OAuth and more)
  • Custom Domain
  • SSL

$9 per additional user/mo

Need more? We can build you a custom hosted plan.Talk to us

Frequently asked questions

  • Why should I pay to Host Grafana?

    Hosted Grafana is all about delivering a mission-critical, fully managed Grafana stack to your organization. Leverage our expertise in managing and scaling Grafana so you can focus on your business, not managing your monitoring stack.

  • What about my other data?

    Grafana makes it easy to connect and unify all your data, no matter where it lives. Use Hosted Grafana with all your cloud data stores, and continue using on-premises Grafana for data stores behind your firewall.

  • Is Hosted Grafana redundant?

    Yes. Hosted Grafana runs on a redundant and highly available Kubernetes cluster. We monitor your Grafana instance 24x7x365 and react immediately to any issues.

  • Can I install Plugins and Dashboards?

    Yes. Hosted Grafana is the only hosted option that allows you to install plugins via one-click. Install supported data sources, panels, and entire apps to get the most out of your Grafana.

  • Do you provide support for Hosted Grafana?

    Yes. Starter Hosted Grafana includes Basic support, which gives you direct access to the core Grafana team. The Free Hosted Grafana does not come with direct support.

  • What version of Grafana do I get?

    You'll always be seamlessly upgraded to the latest stable version, tested by our core team. Hosted Grafana makes it easy to ensure that you're always getting the latest and greatest that Grafana has to offer.

  • What is Hosted Prometheus?

    The Hosted Prometheus service accepts metrics from your Prometheus deployments, stores them in our highly-available backend, and allows you to easily query across your entire infrastructure.

    1 MetricTon is included, additional usage billed at $89/MT.

  • How do I use Hosted Prometheus?

    Your Hosted Grafana instance will be pre-configured with a datasource to query your Hosted Prometheus service. Complete instructions for sending metrics from your Prometheus deployments are available in your user account.

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