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Top 10 trending topics in the Grafana community

Top 10 trending topics in the Grafana community

18 Jan, 2024 6 min

When community members share their Grafana story and best practices with others — whether they’re presenting at a meetup, writing a blog, or creating a video tutorial — it’s truly a win-win. It benefits the broader community through knowledge sharing, but also provides you with a platform to showcase your expertise — and could pave the way toward becoming a Grafana Champion.

But we know it can be a challenge to choose a particular topic to speak or write about. That’s why, with this post, we hope to provide a little inspiration by sharing some of the most popular topics within the Grafana community over the past year. 

To compile the list below, we looked at the most commonly discussed topics across the Grafana community. This involved analyzing community data from, the Grafana Community Slack Workspace, our 50+ meetup groups, LinkedIn, Stack Overflow, Reddit, medium, X, and YouTube. 

The topics on this list are fairly broad and evergreen. If you want to drill down and get more granular, you can find more details on each topic by searching our community forum. For each topic, we’ve also included links to related content, including blog posts, meetup talks, YouTube videos, and more.  

1. Dashboards and panels

Dashboards are Grafana’s bread and butter, and the community loves helpful posts about how others are using dashboards to visualize and gain value from their data. There’s also a lot of interest, specifically, related to panels, which are the basic visualization building blocks in Grafana. Each panel has a query editor (specific to the data source selected) that allows you to build a query to return the data you want to visualize. Grafana users are always eager to hear how fellow community members style and format their panels to create beautiful dashboards, as well as explore different panel types, such as stat and Canvas

Content examples:

2. Alerts

With Grafana Alerting, you can create queries and expressions from multiple data sources — no matter where your data is stored — giving you the flexibility to combine your data and alert on your metrics and logs in new and unique ways. We’d love to hear how your team uses Grafana Alerting to quickly identify and resolve issues.

Content examples:

3. Troubleshooting and errors

Troubleshooting is another important topic within the community. There are various methods and best practices to troubleshoot in Grafana, and there are also tools like the Errors page in Grafana Cloud to help users identify and troubleshoot issues with their applications.

Content examples:

4. Labels and queries in Grafana Loki

For users of Grafana Loki — the open source, horizontally scalable, highly available, multi-tenant log aggregation system — labels and queries continue to be a popular topic. Labels are key value pairs and can be defined as anything; we like to refer to them as metadata to describe a log stream. Users can combine different labels to create flexible log queries.

Content examples:

5. Generative AI

These days, it seems like everybody is talking about generative AI — and the Grafana community is certainly no exception. At Grafana Labs, we’re building powerful generative AI features in a way that stays true to our big tent philosophy. We’d love to hear how you’re using, or experimenting with, generative AI to advance your observability journey.

Content examples:

6. Performance testing

Performance testing is essential to consistenly prevent system failures and deliver reliable software. Our community members are looking to learn more about how teams can use Grafana k6, the open source load testing tool, or Grafana Cloud k6, the fully managed performance testing platform, to achieve these goals. 

Content examples:

7. Cost control

As organizations scale their observability strategy, managing costs can become a challenge. That’s why we offer the Grafana Cloud cost management hub, a centralized suite of tools that helps administrators control and optimize their observability spend, as well as Adaptive Metrics, a metrics management and cardinality optimization feature in Grafana Cloud that eliminates unused and partially used metrics through aggregation. We’d love to hear about your experience with these tools, along with your general cost management best practices. 

Content examples:

8. Ease of use

When we talk to Grafana users within the community, one of the things they say they value most about the tool is how easy it is to learn and use. That said, we’re always striving to further optimize the Grafana user experience and make the onboarding process as seamless as possible —whether it’s through guided workflows or better tips in the UI. We’d love to hear about your unique user experience with the data visualization tool.

Content examples:

9. SLOs

Grafana SLO provides a framework to create, manage, monitor, and alert on your service level objectives (SLOS). Engineering teams can use SLOs to collect data on system reliability over time and, as a result, reduce alert fatigue and focus on what matters most: providing a high quality service to customers.

Content examples:

10. OpenTelemetry

Grafana Labs is fully committed to the OpenTelemetry open source project, building compatibility into our own OSS projects and products, while remaining actively involved in the OTel community. Interoperability between OpenTelemetry and Prometheus has also been a main area of focus for us.

As OpenTelemetry adoption grows within the observability community, we frequently get requests around how to best implement an OTel strategy. 

Content examples

How to submit your blogs, talks, and more

While we hope the topics above provide some inspiration for future presentations, videos or blog posts, this is by no means an exhaustive list — we welcome all ideas related to Grafana open source projects and our OSS ecosystem. To submit your application for a blog or talk, please fill out this form.

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