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Observability with Grafana Cloud: Explore the latest and greatest features

Observability with Grafana Cloud: Explore the latest and greatest features

1 Dec, 2023 4 min

Grafana Cloud constantly evolves to include new, cutting-edge features for end-to-end observability. 

In fact, just last month at ObservabilityCON 2023, we made a number of updates to our fully managed observability platform, including the general availability of Grafana Cloud Application Observability, Grafana SLO, and Adaptive Metrics. Together, these new features help users accelerate root cause analysis, manage and track service level objectives, optimize observability costs — and so much more. 

To learn about these and other Grafana Cloud features, check out the on-demand ObservabilityCON 2023 sessions below. In some of the videos, Grafana Labs experts provide an overview of a particular Grafana Cloud solution, and offer best practices for getting started. In others, you’ll get a chance to hear success stories and lessons learned directly from Grafana Cloud users. Either way, you’ll walk away with a better understanding of how Grafana Cloud can help drive your organization’s observability strategy. 

A closer look at new Grafana Cloud features

Unify your application and infrastructure observability 

In cloud native environments, finding and resolving issues across services and between application and infrastructure dependencies can be challenging. In this session, led by Grafana Labs Engineering Director Myrle Krantz and Senior Software Engineer Bogdan Matei, you’ll learn about Grafana Cloud’s latest capabilities for correlating application and infrastructure observability. You will also hear how we unify and contextualize service relationships and application and infrastructure dependencies to help you resolve problems faster.

The title card for the ObservabilityCON 2023 session on app and infrastructure observability.

Access the on-demand session here

Manage rising metrics and logging costs with Grafana Cloud

Are your SRE and platform teams under pressure to ingest fewer metrics and logs in the name of cost savings? Reducing costs does not have to mean reduced observability. In this session, Grafana Labs Senior Group Product Manager Jen Villa and Senior Software Engineer Mauro Stettler, walk through the cost management features in Grafana Cloud that allow you to analyze, attribute, monitor, and optimize your metrics and logs usage — and lower costs — without compromising your observability strategy.

The title card for the ObservabilityCON 2023 session on cost management with Grafana Cloud.

Access the on-demand session here

Prioritize critical resources with SLO-driven IRM

A majority of respondents in our Observability Survey said they were using SLOs or moving in that direction. For good reason: By highlighting the most critical error budget burndown, service level objectives (SLOs) can help you prioritize performance issues based on business impact. In this session, Grafana Labs Principal Software Engineer Josh Abreu Mesa and Senior Software Engineer Reem Tariq walk through how Grafana Cloud’s integrated SLO and Incident Response Management capabilities can help you identify the most important issues and resolve them quickly.

The title card for the ObservabilityCON 2023 session on Grafana SLO.

Access the on-demand session here

Grafana Cloud user stories 

Actian & Grafana Cloud: The search for a customizable observability tool

Over the past few years, Actian has shifted from offering a solely on-premises data integration, management, and analytics product to supporting hybrid and multi-cloud environments as well. To keep up, the team needed a customizable observability tool, and found it in Grafana Cloud. Lead Cloud Operations Engineer Suleyman Kutlu shares his team’s journey, starting with metrics and logs, and venturing into load testing, frontend observability, IRM, and more.

The title card for the ObservabilityCON 2023 session from Actian.

Access the on-demand session here

With OpenTelemetry, ComplyAdvantage overhauled its observability (twice)

ComplyAdvantage, which provides compliance and risk management tools, has overhauled its observability platform twice in two years, first moving from on-prem Grafana OSS to Datadog, and then migrating from Datadog to Grafana Cloud. Join Principal SRE Adam Wilson to hear how his team’s approach to observability evolved, and how their increased OTel usage made it possible to migrate twice — and to get the most out of Grafana Cloud for metrics, logs, traces, Kubernetes monitoring, and more.

The title card for the ObservabilityCON 2023 session from ComplyAdvantage.

Access the on-demand session here

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