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We want you: Take part in Grafana Labs' second annual observability survey

We want you: Take part in Grafana Labs' second annual observability survey

13 Sep, 2023 2 min

Note: The survey is now closed. Check out the Grafana Labs Observability Survey 2024 today to see the final report.

As it matures, the observability space is constantly evolving. This can make it hard for organizations to know where they fit in the spectrum of adoption and to understand where the market is going — and that’s why we want to hear from you as we launch our second annual observability survey!

Here at Grafana Labs, we’ve been on that same journey, as we’ve evolved from a single data visualization project to a full OSS observability stack. Over that time, one of our greatest strengths has been the open source community that we’ve helped to build. These are the engineers who are best positioned to distinguish between what’s real and what’s hype, since they’re the ones who actually use observability to keep their software running every day. So whether you know your observability pillars and your SLOs by heart or you’re just starting out, we want to hear about your observability experience. 

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We also understand that your time is precious, so the survey should take no more than five minutes to complete. You’ll be asked questions like: How many tools and data sources are you using (Grafana and beyond)? How mature is your observability strategy? What are you excited about — and what gives you pause? Are you using AI? What about Prometheus and OpenTelemetry?

Early next year, a summary of the results will be published for everyone to see, as well as some analysis to help provide context on what those numbers mean. Our first survey provided all sorts of interesting insights, including stats on the number and types of observability tools organizations are using; the challenges and benefits that come with observability; and the impact of company size and industry on adoption and maturity. 

Take the survey now!

All respondents are kept anonymous. However, if you want to share more about your experience, we are also looking for individuals to participate in deeper-dive, anonymized interviews. We did something similar last year, and we think it’s a great way to add qualitative context to the quantitative analysis. If you’re interested, enter your name and contact info at the end of the survey, and we’ll be in touch. We’ll give you some cool swag for going the extra mile. 

We can’t wait to hear what you have to say, so fill out the survey today and share it with anyone else in your network who might be interested!