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Grafana Labs OSS projects: Discover the latest and greatest features and updates

May 30, 2023 5 min

Here at Grafana Labs, we’re deeply committed to open source software and the community that fuels it. OSS, afterall, is in our DNA

That’s why our upcoming GrafanaCON 2023 event — streaming live from Stockholm from June 12 to June 14 — will shine a spotlight on the latest and greatest OSS innovations from Grafana Labs. And, spoiler alert: The community’s been busy.

Torkel Ödegaard, Grafana Labs co-founder and the creator of Grafana, will officially lift the curtain on Grafana 10, the latest major release of the observability and data visualization platform, during the opening keynote. Later, attendees can get a closer look at Grafana 10 features and functionality in a technical breakout session and deep-dive demo. 

In addition to Grafana 10, the virtual event will highlight recent updates to the full Grafana LGTM Stack (Loki for logs, Grafana for visualization, Tempo for traces, Mimir for metrics). Sign up for GrafanaCON today to learn more about all the newest features, as well as exciting developments related to other OSS projects, such as Grafana Pyroscope for continuous profiling and Grafana k6 for performance testing.

What’s new in the open source Grafana LGTM Stack?

Deep dive into Grafana 10

Wednesday, Jun 14 | 07:00 PDT, 16:00 CEST, 14:00 UTC

GrafanaCON always signals a major new release of the Grafana visualization platform — and the 2023 event is certainly no exception. This session will provide an in-depth first look at Grafana 10. Team members will demo all the new features, functionality, and ease-of-use improvements in the latest release.

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How Loki’s new TSDB index and Grafana come together to improve performance and lower costs

Tuesday, Jun 13 | 08:45 PDT, 17:45 CEST, 15:45 UTC

In this session, Grafana Loki contributors Kavi Kanagaraj and Travis Patterson will talk about the improvements in cost and performance seen since the team transitioned all of Grafana Cloud Logs, the fully managed Loki-as-a-service product from Grafana Labs, to use Loki’s new TSDB index. They’ll also discuss some exciting new updates to how queries are rendered in Grafana. 

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How Grafana and Tempo 2.0 make it easier to explore distributed traces

Wednesday, Jun 14 | 09:45 PDT, 18:45 CEST, 16:45 UTC

Tempo 2.0, complete with the brand new TraceQL query language, is here! In this session, learn how to get the most out of the open source distributed tracing project’s latest major release.

First, Software Engineer Zach Leslie will share what his team has learned running Grafana Tempo at massive scale to power Grafana Cloud Traces. Then Tempo maintainer Joe Elliott will share his tips and tricks for using TraceQL to find and visualize “needle in the haystack” traces, and explain how Tempo 2.0 leverages Apache Parquet and massive parallel processing to answer queries extremely quickly. 

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Why Grafana Mimir is better than ever for time series data of all shapes and sizes

Wednesday, Jun 14 | 11:30 PDT, 20:30 CEST, 18:30 UTC

A lot has happened in the year-plus since the launch of the open source TSDB Grafana Mimir. In this session, project maintainers will walk through the major developments — backfill of historic data, native histograms, Helm chart investments, memory and performance optimizations, and more — that make Mimir ideal for both your DIY project and an industrial-scale data center.

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Continuous profiling with Grafana Pyroscope: developer experience, flame graphs, and more

Tuesday, Jun 13 | 11:00 PDT, 20:00 CEST, 18:00 UTC

Did you hear the news? Grafana Phlare and Pyroscope are merging to form a new open source continuous profiling project under the name Grafana Pyroscope. In this session, the project leads will share their philosophy of how continuous profiling can improve developer experience, helping engineers gain a deeper understanding of their systems, quickly identify and resolve issues, and ultimately, deliver better software faster.

They’ll also provide an update on the new project roadmap and progress so far, including recent improvements around performance and scale in the continuous profiling database, flame graph visualization of profiling data in Grafana, and ease of use for profile collection.

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Expanding Grafana’s big tent with Grafana Agent

Tuesday, Jun 13 | 12:30 PDT, 21:30 CEST, 19:30 UTC

Grafana Agent is the open source telemetry collector built for sending your metrics, logs, and trace data to the Grafana LGTM Stack so you can visualize and correlate all your disparate data in Grafana dashboards. As such, it’s an important part of Grafana’s big tent philosophy.

Ahead of the 1.0 release of Grafana Agent later this year, the team has introduced Grafana Agent Flow, a new way to configure the Agent that enables faster iterations and the ability to add components to handle different signal types and vendors easily. In this session, you’ll learn about Flow and the approaches the Agent team is taking to ensure that the Agent is the best data collector for signals, regardless of vendor or platform.

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How Grafana k6 helps you break your APIs to make them stronger

Wednesday, Jun 14 | 10:15 PDT, 19:15 CEST, 17:15 UTC

In this session, Jose Luis Latorre Millas, Software Architect & Developer Community Lead at SwissLife AG, will explain why regularly breaking your own APIs is the best way to make them stronger. Using Grafana k6 for performance testing, he will discuss what metrics to check, what to test, and best practices for getting it done. You’ll learn how to implement k6 tests and run them against test-ready APIs hosted at Azure App Service, expand from a simple k6 test into a full-fledged performance test, and then interpret the results with built-in Grafana Cloud k6 visualizations.

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GrafanaCON 2023 will also feature sessions about recent homelab projects, unique Grafana use cases in the community, and IoT initiatives. Check out the full event schedule to see exactly what we have in store, and if you haven’t already, register now for free.