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Space, energy, security: Discover different Grafana use cases

Space, energy, security: Discover different Grafana use cases

8 May, 2023 6 min

One of the things we love about our community is all the different ways they use Grafana. From hometown hobbyists to some of the biggest corporations in the world, they continue to surprise us with how inventive and resourceful they can be.

And next month you’ll have a chance to hear directly from some of those community members at our biggest event of the year — GrafanaCON 2023. Streaming live from June 12 to June 14, users from NVIDIA, NASA, DHL, and more will share their experiences using Grafana for all sorts of intriguing use cases, from operating in outer space to reducing emissions here on Earth.

It’s also a chance to find out about best practices and lessons learned from working with the Grafana LGTM Stack (Loki for logs, Grafana for visualization, Tempo for traces, and Mimir for metrics) and other OSS projects such as Grafana Pyroscope. So sign up for GrafanaCON today and check out these community-led sessions you won’t want to miss.

For the community, by the community

Transforming IT and business flows at DHL Express with Grafana, k6, and Prometheus

Tuesday, Jun 13 | 09:15 PDT, 18:15 CEST, 16:15 UTC

DHL Express Switzerland’s Djamel Djedid, Head of Application Development and Integration, and Michael Lerch, Lead Architect, will talk about the company’s adoption of the Grafana observability stack, Prometheus, and performance testing tool Grafana k6.

Prior to making the switch, DHL Express Switzerland, a unit of the international logistics and shipping company, was dealing with expensive, cumbersome, disparate, and reactive IT and business support. Find out how they transformed support issues into massive business and IT benefits with Grafana.

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How NVIDIA’s Threat Detection System leverages Grafana and Loki for log analysis at scale

Tuesday, Jun 13 | 13:00 PDT, 22:00 CEST, 20:00 UTC

The security team at NVIDIA, a leading manufacturer of GPU and AI hardware and software, has developed a powerful Threat Detection System (TDS) for analyzing security logs at scale to detect malicious activity. In this session, NVIDIA’s Gurpreet Singh, Head of Cloud Security, and Amit Singh Hora, Senior Software Engineer, Data Science and ML, will discuss the company’s Grafana-Loki stack, which can be deployed on any cloud service provider, including AWS, with Datadog vector as the client for log transmission. 

The team relies on Grafana and Grafana Loki to provide a robust platform for analyzing different types of data, such as network logs alongside access logs, to identify and respond quickly to any suspicious activity. In this session, they’ll share best practices for deploying and managing this cost-efficient method for identifying threats across several data and log types. They’ll also share best practices for deploying and managing the stack for scale and multi-tenancy; optimizing performance, efficiency, and cost; and handling unexpected scenarios.

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How ESnet built Grafana plugins to visualize network data

Tuesday, Jun 13 | 13:30 PDT, 22:30 CEST, 20:30 UTC

ESnet (Energy Sciences Network) at Berkeley National Lab is a high-performance network backbone built to support collaborative scientific research from anywhere. The ESnet team uses Grafana to visualize and understand telemetry data so they can predict capacity needs and easily view traffic surges on the infrastructure. The team has also built several visualizations tailored to ESnet’s network analytic use cases and contributed them to the Grafana community: Sankey Diagram, Slope Graph, Bump Chart, Chord Diagram, and Matrix panel.

In this session, Software Engineers Katrina Turner, Andy Lake, and Dan Doyle will delve into why ESnet needed these new visualizations, how they built them, and how others in the community can use them for their own purposes (networking and otherwise). Having recently deployed Grafana Enterprise, the team will touch on its future work, including utilizing the new authorization and team features to give ESnet users customized login and dashboard experiences on a single instance.

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Automated performance modeling with NASA Open MCT, Grafana Cloud, and k6

Wednesday, Jun 14 | 12:00 PDT, 21:00 CEST, 19:00 UTC

The frontend has traditionally been the bearer of bad news when it comes to underlying system performance problems. Backend fixes are put into place just as the frontend moves the goalposts. Using tools like k6 and k6-browser make it possible to keep your frontend performance tooling in sync with the backend performance and in step with feature development.

In this live demo, John Hill, a Web UI Test Engineer, Space Mission Controls, will use Grafana k6, k6-browser, and NASA Open MCT to show how to combine frontend and backend performance modeling tools. He’ll detail frontend performance modeling strategies to keep the feature development teams in sync with the performance tests. Lastly, he’ll end with how the Grafana and k6 ecosystems can be used to ensure performance in mission critical applications like NASA’s Open MCT.

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Reducing data center energy usage with Grafana: A green IT success story

Tuesday, Jun 13 | 10:15 PDT, 19:15 CEST, 17:15 UTC

Sentry Software operates its own data center as part of its business helping companies with IT monitoring solutions. Tune in to hear Sentry Software CEO Bertrand Martin share how Grafana helped his company reduce electricity usage in its data center by 15%.

With Europe facing an energy crisis, Sentry Software decided to leverage Grafana and OpenTelemetry to analyze its energy footprint and identify opportunities for optimization. The team was able to increase its server room’s temperature from 18°C to 27°C while still maintaining optimal conditions, resulting in significant energy savings. Don’t miss this session and learn how to replicate Sentry Software’s success to achieve your organization’s own sustainability goals.

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Monitoring high-throughput real-time telemetry data at Daimler Truck with the Grafana Stack

Wednesday, June 14 | 08:00 PDT, 17:00 CEST, 15:00 UTC

Daimler Truck manages anonymized data from more than 8,000 connected buses operating in Europe. They collect telemetry data on vehicle speed, GPS position, acceleration values, braking force, and more, with a throughput of roughly 300,000 messages per second — 7 MB at peak — and an average latency of around five seconds between the vehicle and when the data is available for consumption. They do so in a Kubernetes environment that’s monitored in near real time via a stack of Grafana, Grafana Loki, Prometheus (leveraging Grafana Mimir), and Pyrra.

Tune in to watch Adrien Bestel, Principal Engineer at tb.lx by Daimler Truck, demonstrate how they run three environments (dev / int / prod), with three separate Grafana instances, and how they synchronized the corresponding dashboards using the Grafana APIs.

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Using Grafana to track satellites with the Libre Space Foundation

Tuesday, June 13 | 08:15 PDT, 17:15 CEST, 15:15 UTC

Libre Space Foundation Core Contributor Patrick Dohmen will talk about how SatNOGS, the biggest open source network of satellite ground stations, uses Grafana dashboards to help researchers identify and track their satellites and make use of the data collected. Grafana dashboards are a crucial connection point for the community, and Patrick will show how you too can use Grafana to participate in hunting satellites.

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There’s plenty more to learn about at GrafanaCON 2023. Check out the full schedule to find out what else we have in store, and if you haven’t already, register now for free!