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Let your dashboards shine: Introducing the Golden Grot Awards

Let your dashboards shine: Introducing the Golden Grot Awards

29 Mar, 2023 3 min

Since the birth of the Grafana dashboard, we’ve seen community members build stunning visualizations to track everything from personal hobbies to mission-critical business metrics. In the past decade we’ve added features and functions to the dashboard toolkit — we were all pretty excited about histograms, pie charts, and retro LED bar gauges — and your visualizations have only gotten cooler over time. 

And now we want to recognize those fantastic dashboards and the community members that built them. As part of the GrafanaCON celebrations coming this June, we’re excited to introduce our first-ever awards program: the Golden Grot Awards.

An illustration features a Golden Grot statue, as well as text describing the awards.

Introducing the Golden Grot Awards

Born from the fist bumps and high fives of dashboarding successes, the Golden Grot Awards recognizes three top dashboards in two categories: personal and professional.

Community members can submit a maximum of one dashboard per category before April 21, and a panel of internal judges will narrow the submissions down to a short list. Then, from May 1 to May 5, the entire Grafana community will have a chance to vote for their favorites. The combined community and internal voting will then be tabulated to select the winners.

The top three dashboards in each category will be showcased during GrafanaCON 2023, with the grand prize winners receiving a trip to Stockholm to join the Grafana creators at a special event. (Stay tuned for more info on all the festivities we have in store.)

Wait, what’s a Grot?

According to legend, @grafanabot (affectionately known as Grot) was born of the flames and tears of broken dashboards. After 65 million years of hibernation, Grot emerged from a deep slumber to find they had a natural propensity for keeping the Grafana GitHub repo in shipshape condition.

Grot thrives on issue triage and pull requests, and was generous enough to lend their likeness to the Golden Grot Awards as part of the Grafana 10 celebrations.

We Grot your back with all the details

Dashboards must be created in Grafana, currently maintained, and publicly shareable in order to be considered. Screenshots with redactions are acceptable; we understand folks may need to protect sensitive or proprietary data. 

Not sure which category your dashboard fits in? Here are some helpful guidelines:

  • If your dashboard was created outside of work to monitor a personal metric, hobby, or interest, go ahead and submit it in the personal category. 
  • If your dashboard was created in a work-related setting to monitor or track business metrics, submit it in the professional category. 

Hit us with your best Grot. Fire away!

The Grafana community is the best in the world, so we can’t wait to see all the dashing and dazzling dashboards folks like you are using today. Submit your dashboard before April 21, follow our social media channels to be first in line when voting opens, and sign up to join the GrafanaCON livestream, where we’ll celebrate the winners together!