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Grafana Labs webinars: Reduce MTTR, build beautiful Grafana dashboards, and more

Grafana Labs webinars: Reduce MTTR, build beautiful Grafana dashboards, and more

2 Mar, 2023 4 min

With Grafana Labs’ live and on-demand webinars, you have the option to learn Grafana whenever you want, wherever you are.

This February, we focused on the core building blocks of the Grafana LGTM Stack (Loki for logs, Grafana for visualization, Tempo for traces, Mimir for metrics), including how to approach dashboard design, visualizing and unifying your data with plugins, and reducing your mean time to both identify and resolve (MTTI/MTTR) any issues that may arise. 

Here’s a look at the on-demand sessions you may have missed in February — and the upcoming webinars you can register for right now.

Reduce MTTR with the Grafana LGTM Stack and on-call management

Our webinar on how to reduce resolution time (MTTR) with the Grafana LGTM Stack and on-call management is a great complement to our January cost-optimization webinar on how to reduce your observability TCO (total cost of ownership).

In the MTTR webinar, Grafana Labs Senior Solutions Engineer Lionel Marks performed a couple of live demos using the Grafana LGTM Stack, including Grafana OnCall. He showed how you can use Grafana to help identify issues faster, as well as how to incorporate alerting and incident response and management to resolve those issues faster. He also went over how to work with enterprise plugins, which allow you to correlate disparate data sources right in Grafana.

A Grafana dashboard displays time series data on latency, traffic, errors, and saturation.

Unify your data with Grafana plugins: Datadog, Splunk, MongoDB, and more

If our mention of using plugins to connect disparate data sources piqued your interest, well we have another webinar for you! Grafana Labs Senior Solutions Engineer Willie Engelbrecht walked through how to unify your data with Grafana plugins including Datadog, Splunk, MongoDB, and more. This webinar is a deeper dive into Grafana’s robust plugins ecosystem, with real-time demos and answers to the audience’s questions on best practices for connecting a variety of data sources.

A Grafana dashboard displays data from Datadog and Splunk side by side.

Visualizing Microsoft Azure with Grafana

We took an even deeper dive into plugins with our webinar on how to visualize Microsoft Azure workloads in Grafana. Software engineers Andreas Christou and Adam Simpson walked through using the open source Azure Monitor plugin to visualize Azure data using Grafana dashboards.

A Grafana dashboard displays insights from an Azure storage account.

Getting started with Grafana dashboard design

While understanding how to connect disparate sources in order to correlate your data and reduce MTTI/MTTR is helpful, your dashboard is where it all comes together. Grafana Labs Senior Solutions Engineer Brandy Smith walked through how to get started with Grafana dashboard design, including considerations (e.g., target audience, visual hierarchies, and accessibility), alignment, size, colors, shapes, and more. This webinar ends with a real-time GeoMap dashboard makeover. 

A Grafana dashboard featuring a Geomap.

Grafana webinars: Coming soon … 

In the coming months, we have webinars dedicated to popular topics such as getting started and scaling with the Grafana LGTM Stack, an introduction to metrics, another run of basic dashboard consideration, and of course more plugins! Here’s the latest lineup: 

Check out our Webinars page for a full list of on-demand sessions and upcoming live webinars.