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Azure Managed Grafana users can now upgrade to Grafana Enterprise

Azure Managed Grafana users can now upgrade to Grafana Enterprise

11 Jan, 2023 2 min

In November 2021, we announced a strategic partnership with Microsoft to develop a Microsoft Azure managed service that lets customers run Grafana natively within their Azure cloud platform. Azure Managed Grafana, which became generally available in August 2022, makes it simple for Azure customers to deploy secure and scalable Grafana instances and connect to open source, cloud, and third-party data sources for visualization and analysis.

The Grafana community continually inspires us and helps us build better software. There are more than one million active installations of Grafana, and it has become the operational dashboard technology and frontend of choice for observability. As a company, we want to make sure that Grafana is available wherever and however our users need it. And this offering, which helps meet the demand from Azure customers for Grafana, is another step toward that goal.

At Grafana Labs, we believe in helping customers succeed with their observability strategy. Organizations want choice and interoperability, and Grafana’s composable observability stack allows them to bring together and understand all their data, no matter where it lives. 

Logos for Grafana Enterprise and Microsoft Azure

We are excited that customers using Azure Managed Grafana can seamlessly upgrade to the full Grafana Enterprise experience, allowing them to amplify their existing IT investments by bringing data together through plugins for ServiceNow, Splunk, Snowflake, Datadog, MongoDB, Oracle, New Relic, Dynatrace, Wavefront, AppDynamics, and more. Grafana Enterprise customers get expert 24x7x365 support directly from Grafana Labs, as well as customized training and professional services.

Grafana Labs also offers a full stack on Grafana Cloud (which includes Grafana Loki for logs, Grafana Mimir for metrics, and Grafana Tempo for tracing). This complete and highly integrated offering is ideal for customers both large and small. In addition, we have Grafana Enterprise Metrics, Grafana Enterprise Logs, and Grafana Enterprise Traces, for observability at scale in an on-premise environment. 

We’ve built out this slate of offerings to meet our users where they are. We’re looking forward to seeing where the community takes us next.