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Grafana 9.3 feature: New navigation updates

Grafana 9.3 feature: New navigation updates

7 Dec, 2022 3 min

As Grafana has grown from a visualization platform to an observability solution, we’ve added many tools along the way. These tools are dedicated to help you throughout the software development life cycle, whether you are trying to prevent incidents, you are monitoring your application or infrastructure, or if you are in the middle of an incident

No matter how many tools we develop, however, they aren’t helpful if you can’t find them or they are hard to navigate to and from within Grafana. There are two key moments when ease of use in Grafana is essential: 

  1. The first is when an organization or a new team within an organization adopts Grafana. We want to make their onboarding more seamless. Consistency is key in this scenario.
  2. The second is the incident response workflow, when speed really matters. You want all parts of the product to behave in a consistent way so that it’s easy to find what you’re looking for and jump between different pages inside Grafana. 

With that in mind, we’ve given Grafana a new look and feel for consistent page layouts with the new navigation features (in beta) in the latest Grafana 9.3 release.

Some highlights in Grafana’s redesigned navigation that you’ll see in the demo video above include:

  • A revamped navigation menu that groups related tools together, making it easier to find what you need
  • Updated layouts that feature breadcrumbs and a sidebar, allowing you to quickly jump between pages
  • A new header that appears on all pages in Grafana that includes a dashboard search function

Enable the new Grafana navigation in beta

If you’re running Grafana open source or Grafana Enterprise on-premise, you can enable the new navigation using the topnav feature toggle. Read more about configuring Grafana in our documentation.

To enable the new navigation on Grafana Cloud, please reach out to the support team.

If you’ve joined the beta, please share your feedback through the navigation GitHub discussion.

Learn more about Grafana 9.3

For a complete list of new features, check out the changelog or our What’s New in Grafana 9.3 documentation.

You can also join us on our Grafana Labs community forums to discuss any of the new features, workflows, or how to incorporate these changes into your dashboards, queries, and visualizations.

Plus check out our “Getting started with Grafana” webinar on demand for free!

Download Grafana 9.3 today or try Grafana 9.3 on Grafana Cloud, which has a generous free forever tier and plans for every use case. Sign up for free today! You can also refer to our Upgrade Grafana documentation for more information about upgrading your Grafana installation.