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Watch this: An inside look at GrafanaLive

Watch this: An inside look at GrafanaLive

27 Oct, 2022 2 min

At Grafana Labs, we love open source, which is another way to say we love being part of a community. That’s why we were so excited and grateful to finally get back together face-to-face this year with GrafanaLive.

Since July, hundreds of Grafana community members, users, and customers have attended GrafanaLive events in locations around the world, including Chicago, London, Paris, the San Francisco Bay Area, São Paulo, and Washington, D.C. Two more were held this week in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia, and the final stop will be in Bengaluru, India, in January.  We want to thank everyone who has participated so far, including observability experts from Adobe, Defense Unicorns, IG Group, and DRW Trading Group. 

GrafanaLive was a great opportunity to share the latest updates about the Grafana Labs LGTM stack — Loki for logs, Grafana for visualization, Tempo for traces, and Mimir for metrics. Grafanistas were also on hand to answer technical questions at our popular Ask the Experts booth, share and preview product and feature updates, and lead hands-on demos.

For example, the London edition of GrafanaLive kicked off with Grafana Labs senior leaders discussing community-driven Grafana use cases and milestones like the Grafana 9.0 release. That was followed by breakout sessions on how to make the shift to observability, solving log management challenges with Grafana Loki, and an introduction to Grafana Incident

Across all these events, users also exchanged tips and best practices with each other, and community members got the chance to network at the first series of in-person events Grafana Labs has hosted since the pandemic began. 

Finally, it was also an opportunity to give back, with all ticket proceeds going directly to Girls Who Code. Thanks again for coming. And if you couldn’t make it, we’d love to see you at our next live event, so stay tuned for future announcements!

Looking for more ways to connect with Grafana Labs? Check out our events page to see upcoming in-person and virtual opportunities, including educational webinars and conferences, like ObservabilityCON 2022!