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Meet the Grafana Labs team: RC Thériault hosts SDR enablement sessions — and improv classes

Meet the Grafana Labs team: RC Thériault hosts SDR enablement sessions — and improv classes

25 Mar, 2022 3 min

As Grafana Labs continues to grow, we’d like you to get to know the team members who are working behind the scenes on the cool stuff you’re using.

Meet RC!

Name: RC Thériault

What do you do at Grafana Labs?
I currently do a little bit of everything when it comes to enablement, from scheduling the enablement sessions to facilitating and even developing some of the sessions. I work closely with the SDR team, and most of my focus usually goes on supporting their enablement needs.

Why did you decide to join Grafana Labs?
I decided to join Grafana Labs because I’m excited to work with the SDR team at such a rapid growth company. I also already knew a few people here that I absolutely wanted to work with. I haven’t looked back since; the past six months at Grafana Labs have been an amazing experience!

Where do you currently live?
I’m located in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA (Eastern Time Zone).

“I’m excited to work with the SDR team at such a rapid growth company.”

What’s a recent project at Grafana Labs that you’re really proud to have worked on?
I would say the enablement roadshow that we just finished for our GTM org. It’s been amazing meeting people in person and getting to deliver material face-to-face. I also have been able to deliver my improv-style workshop in person for the first time since the pandemic, and it’s been exhilarating!

Tell us about your former improv troupe, Hulk Spanx. (Great name!)
We all auditioned and got randomly put on the same team at pH Theatre (their house team program) in Chicago. We all immediately clicked. At our first performance, we all felt so comfortable with each other, and I realized how much this was the improv dream team. We grew very close our first year together doing about five to six, sometimes even eight, shows a month all over Chicago. We loved performing with each other, and most of all, we just loved hanging out together. I am now married to a fellow troupe member (we just celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary!), and another troupe member officiated our wedding. You can say it was the ultimate “Yes and”!

Above: This is a picture from my last improv show with Hulk Spanx in Chicago before moving to Charlotte, NC. We’ve been performing together for 6 years, so it was a great (but a little emotional) show!

What’s the last thing you got off your bucket list?
Moving to a different city (Chicago to Charlotte), and I have to say, I’ll probably want to try a different city again in a few years!

What do you like to do in your free time?
I really like traveling! I also recently got into basketball, which I never thought would happen. GO HORNETS!

What do you do to get “in the zone” when you work?
Nothing gets me in the zone like EDM music!

If my camera is off in a meeting, that usually means … 
I’m off getting coffee, or my husband walked into my office.

If I’m in a bad mood, _____ always turns it around for me
Watching an episode of “New Girl”! SO GOOD!

What’s your idea of the “perfect meal”?
POUTINE!! French fries with gravy and cheese curds — a match made in heaven!

(Editor’s note: If you couldn’t tell, RC is also a proud Canadian. 🇨🇦)

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