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Learn about log data privacy, tracing at scale, alerting, and on-call management in our new webinars

Learn about log data privacy, tracing at scale, alerting, and on-call management in our new webinars

15 Mar, 2022 3 min

In March, Grafana Labs will be offering free webinars that address some of the hottest topics in the observability world: Log data privacy with Grafana Loki. Securing and scaling distributed tracing solutions. Managing alert storms when things go sideways. 

Learn more about the live sessions and candid Q&As that Grafanistas will be leading this month. 

Managing privacy in log data with Grafana Loki

Thursday, March 17
9:30 PDT, 12:30 EDT, 16:30 UTC

Laws for data privacy are complex and rapidly changing. Organizations can struggle to understand their responsibilities, implement the correct privacy strategy, and define which data must be part of it. 

Log aggregation platforms are considered data stores by regulations such as GDPR or CCPA, and therefore must be included in readiness assessment. During this webinar, Grafana Labs technical expert Andrae Middleton will outline how Grafana Loki can help organizations meet these requirements. You’ll also come away with knowledge of how to apply simple privacy techniques to your logs and integrate Loki into your enterprise privacy strategy.

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Scaling your distributed tracing with Grafana Tempo (EMEA)

Wednesday, March 23
10:00 CET, 09:00 UTC

If you’re looking for the next step following our “Getting started with tracing and Grafana Tempo” webinar in February (now available on demand), this will continue the conversation by tackling how to scale your distributed tracing solution.  

With the challenges of securing and scaling distributed tracing tools within large enterprise companies, often times organizations require additional features, including access controls, indemnification, and support guarantees. Enter Grafana Enterprise Traces (GET), our scalable, secure, self-managed tracing service powered by Grafana Tempo.

Grafana Labs technical expert Aengus Rooney will review tracing with Grafana Tempo, then lead a live demo of Grafana Enterprise Traces (GET) to showcase how companies can operate GET at scale while leveraging the built-in Grafana interface to easily manage permissions and settings and grant individuals access to the resources they need without compromising cost.

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Unified alerting and on-call management in Grafana

Thursday, March 24
9:30 PDT, 12:30 EDT, 16:30 UTC

While the Grafana, Prometheus, and Alertmanager stack is the de facto standard for generating alerts, in this webinar, we will explore other common alerting options for Grafana users.

Grafana Labs technical expert Charity Anderson will walk through the Grafana 8.4 enhanced alerting features and how they improve the experience of using traditional Grafana dashboard alerts. For users of Prometheus-style alerts and Grafana Cloud alerting, we’ll also showcase how unified alerting makes it easier than ever to manage alerts directly within Grafana. Finally, we will introduce Grafana OnCall, an easy-to-use on-call management tool built to help DevOps and site reliability engineering (SRE) teams improve their collaboration and ultimately resolve incidents faster with a centralized view of incidents within Grafana.

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