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Grafana OnCall is now generally available on Grafana Cloud, with a generous free tier

Grafana OnCall is now generally available on Grafana Cloud, with a generous free tier

2 Feb, 2022 3 min

Today we’re announcing the general availability of Grafana OnCall on Grafana Cloud for all paid and free plans. (Get Grafana Cloud and try it now.)

A big part of delivering great software is ensuring the right people get the right information when the inevitable incidents occur. We want to help you do that with Grafana OnCall, an easy-to-use, developer-first on-call management tool that’s built on top of the Grafana stack you know and love.

Let’s dive into the details of what we’re releasing today for Grafana OnCall, plus a new, exciting preview we think you’re going to love.

Grafana OnCall GA

Grafana OnCall was announced in beta preview last November at ObservabilityCON, and today we’re thrilled that it has graduated to general availability status. Features of Grafana OnCall include:

  • Slack, Telegram, voice, and SMS alerting
  • Easily create and manage on-call schedules
  • Automatic escalations with flexible routing to ensure outages are addressed
  • A central view of incidents, all within the Grafana UI you know and love
  • Automatic grouping to reduce alert storms and noise
  • A broad set of integrations, including Datadog, New Relic, and AWS SNS, to support existing alerting setups

Since the beta preview announcement, we’ve been working closely with our beta customers on improving these features and learning from them what they’d like to see in terms of reasonable and fair pricing.

Improvements to Grafana OnCall

  • We’ve finalized the concept of escalation chains, which now have their own separate tab. Flexible and powerful escalation chains ensure you’ll reach someone during an outage.
Grafana OnCall feature: escalation chains.
Grafana OnCall feature: escalation chains.
  • We’ve added multi-team support to help large organizations manage across many teams.
  • There are better guardrails in place when working with a calendar to set up on-call rotations. For instance, Grafana OnCall will now notify you if you misspelled a user in the Google Calendar integration.
  • Telegram messenger support was added to help users who aren’t using Slack or running it on their mobile phones.

Free and paid pricing plans for Grafana OnCall

As part of the GA release, we are introducing pricing for Grafana OnCall. At the core of the pricing is the idea of charging for users who are actually on call (using OnCall) during the billing month – that is, active users, rather than provisioned users. This is something our beta users consistently requested.

Grafana OnCall is also included in the generous forever free tier of Grafana Cloud, covering Slack/voice/SMS notifications for 3 OnCall users.

You can find out more about pricing here.

This is only the beginning

We have an exciting roadmap for Grafana OnCall. Today, we’re also launching a preview of Grafana Incident, which makes incident response management easier by automating common tasks and giving teams a dedicated place to work. Read more about Grafana Incident on the blog.

Try out Grafana OnCall now

To get started with Grafana OnCall in Grafana Cloud, simply click on the Grafana OnCall icon in the main left-hand nav of your Grafana instance. It’s available across all tiers of Grafana Cloud.

If you’re not already using Grafana Cloud — the easiest way to get started with observability — sign up now for a free 14-day trial of Grafana Cloud Pro, with unlimited metrics, logs, traces, and users, long-term retention, and premium team collaboration features.

You can learn more about Grafana OnCall by reading the documentation and registering for the “Getting started with Grafana OnCall” webinar on Feb. 23.