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Grafana Loki 2021: Year in review

Grafana Loki 2021: Year in review

29 Dec, 2021 3 min

This year, we were excited to deliver the easiest version of Grafana Loki to use yet. With Loki 2.4, the Loki team introduced a simple, scalable deployment, and over the past 12 months, we added lots of great new features. Not to mention, we launched Grafana Enterprise Logs, a new addition to the Grafana Enterprise Stack that’s powered by Loki. 

But none of this would have been possible without our active community: In 2021, Loki had 166 contributors and 823 PRs in GItHub. 

Be sure to check out the full release notes and the upgrade guide to get all the latest info about Loki 2.4. Plus check out the blog posts, webinars, demos, and community stories all about Grafana Loki in 2021.  

Grafana Loki releases and features

How to escape special characters with Loki’s LogQL

Video tutorial: Effective troubleshooting queries with Grafana Loki

How to use LogQL range aggregations in Loki 

Introducing Grafana Enterprise Logs, a core part of the Grafana Enterprise Stack integrated observability solution

The essential config settings you should use so you won’t drop logs in Loki

Grafana Loki 2.2 released: Multi-line logs, crash resiliency, and performance improvements

How I fell in love with logs thanks to Grafana Loki

Grafana, Loki, and Tempo will be relicensed to AGPLv3

How to search logs in Loki without worrying about the case

How to correlate Graphite metrics and Loki logs

How to alert on high cardinality data with Grafana Loki

Resources for easy DIY IoT projects with Grafana, Arduino, Prometheus, and Loki

GrafanaCONline Day 6 recap: The latest on Loki for logs, Grafana for monitoring high performance computing, the business of Grafana Labs, and more!

Loki 2.3 is out: Custom retention, 15x query speed on recent data, Prometheus-style recording rules

New in Loki 2.3: LogQL pattern parser makes it easier to extract data from unstructured logs

A guide to deploying Grafana Loki and Grafana Tempo without Kubernetes on AWS Fargate

How Istio, Tempo, and Loki speed up debugging for microservices

Avoid dropped logs due to out-of-order timestamps with a new Loki feature

Loki 2.4 is easier to run with a new simplified deployment model

Video: The new simple, scalable deployment for Grafana Loki and Grafana Enterprise Logs

Webinars and talks

Get more and spend less with Grafana Loki for logs

Why Grafana Loki is easier to use and operate than ever before

Learning the tricks of Grafana Loki for distributed logging at scale in a Kubernetes environment

Managing log privacy with Loki

Community stories

How Pernod Ricard uses Grafana and Loki to scale and monitor its global e-commerce business

How an observability consulting company solved a client’s monitoring issues with Grafana Cloud

The U.S. Department of Defense formally authorizes Grafana, Grafana Enterprise, and Loki for its 100,000 developers

“Open source done right”: Why Canonical adopted Grafana, Loki, and Grafana Agent for their new stack

The easiest way to get started with Grafana Loki is Grafana Cloud, with free and paid plans to suit every use case. If you’re not already using Grafana Cloud, sign up for free today!