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My goals as a newly elected OpenTelemetry Governance Committee member

My goals as a newly elected OpenTelemetry Governance Committee member

1 Nov, 2021 2 min

I joined Grafana Labs as a software engineer in October to help build out a team focused on OpenTelemetry, and within a few weeks, I was promptly encouraged to run for a seat on the OpenTelemetry board.

Every year, the OpenTelemetry community holds elections for a few seats on the Governance Committee board, which oversees the project at large. The results of this year’s elections are now available, and I am glad to share that I have been elected to serve on the board!

I’m thankful for every one of the votes I got and I am honored to work with the members of the board. I believe that the results of this election reflect my contributions to the community over the past few years, including code contributions, speaking engagements, blog posts, and supporting users.

It is also a reflection of the commitment Grafana Labs has to investing in OpenTelemetry. I wouldn’t have been a candidate without the company’s support and without the freedom to dedicate official working hours to this endeavor.

Grafana Labs’ interest in OpenTelemetry is not new: We have been supporting OTLP as a possible input protocol for Grafana Tempo since its inception, and our Grafana Agent embeds parts of the OpenTelemetry Collector.

As a member of the board, my goals align with the platform I submitted for the election:

  • Community: Ensure that OpenTelemetry’s decisions continue to be compatible with the interests of the broader open source observability ecosystem, including users, developers, projects, and vendors.
  • Diversity: Create new and strengthen existing diversity initiatives, like Outreachy, across OpenTelemetry’s SIGs and projects.

I’m looking forward to collaborating with the members of the board for the next two years!

Are you interested in joining Grafana Labs? Come work with me and other Grafanistas on OpenTelemetry and other parts of the observability ecosystem!