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ObservabilityCON 2021: Observability at scale with TomTom, Unity, TripAdvisor, Snyk, and Citibank

ObservabilityCON 2021: Observability at scale with TomTom, Unity, TripAdvisor, Snyk, and Citibank

25 Oct, 2021 3 min

It’s hard to believe we’re only a couple weeks away from Grafana ObservabilityCON 2021 kicking off on Nov. 8! We’re thrilled to be hosting our second annual conference celebrating the latest innovations and community success stories in the Grafana observability ecosystem. 

One bit of feedback we got from last year’s ObservabilityCON was that our community wanted to hear more from other Grafana stack users about how they’re addressing observability challenges at scale. In addition to the great programming we outlined in our initial announcement, we’re delighted to announce four exciting new sessions we’ve added to this year’s agenda, featuring speakers from Unity, TomTom, TripAdvisor, Snyk, Citibank, and Ocrolus. Learn more about these just-added sessions below:

How TomTom is improving developer experience by building an observability-centric culture with Grafana Cloud

Tuesday, Nov 9, 9:25 PT, 17:25 UTC

For a global leader in location technology like TomTom, a developer experience that sets engineering teams up for success with tooling they can rely on is mission-critical. Find out from Senior Project Manager and SRE Carl Meert what steps TomTom took to create an observability-centric culture that empowered teams to build end-to-end views of their service statuses on Grafana Cloud.

Panel: Tales from the front lines of scaling observability

Wednesday, Nov. 10, 8:00 PT, 16:00 UTC

Want to learn how enterprises scale observability effectively across an organization? Hear from ecosystem leaders Nathan Berkley, Principal Software Engineer at Tripadvisor, Crystal Hirschorn, Director of Engineering at Snyk, and Mike Johnson, Director - Global Head of Engineering and TTS Payments Support at Citibank, as they discuss their observability journeys — from adoption to evolution — and which trends they’re keeping an eye on in this panel led by Grafana Labs VP of Solutions Engineering Steve Mayzak.

Deploying a centralized, network-agnostic Prometheus experience

Wednesday, Nov 10, 11:10 PT, 19:10 UTC

Get a behind-the-scenes overview on how observability experts at Unity, the leading platform for real-time 3D content, built a centralized Prometheus service that supports over 160 million active series across over 1,000 instances. In this talk, Ted Cordery, Senior Product Manager, and Taylor Mutch, Senior Software Engineer, will share how the Production Reliability and Engineering Team at Unity deploys Prometheus at scale to collect metrics from different environments without relying on private network connectivity.

Monitoring user workstations with Grafana Cloud and Prometheus

Wednesday, Nov 10, 12:35 PM PT, 20:35 UTC

With more organizations “going remote” during the pandemic, monitoring workstations that perform production business functions against tight SLAs can be a bit of a challenge when they operate outside of a controlled network. In this session presented by Ocrolus TechOps Manager Travis Johnson, you’ll learn how the fintech platform leverages Grafana Cloud and Prometheus to collect meaningful data from over 1,000 user workstations as they set out to implement remote configuration, access, and auditing systems.

Wondering what else is in store this year? View the full ObservabilityCON 2021 schedule! And if you haven’t already, register now for free, and don’t forget to sign up for one of our workshops on Prometheus and Loki.