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Don't miss our upcoming webinars on logging with Grafana Loki for APAC and EMEA

Don't miss our upcoming webinars on logging with Grafana Loki for APAC and EMEA

4 Oct, 2021 2 min

Interested in learning more about Grafana Loki, our open source logging aggregation solution inspired by Prometheus? Be sure to sign up for our two upcoming live webinars, which have been scheduled at EMEA- and APAC-friendly times. We know we have community members all over the globe, and we’re excited to be able to present these webinars at different times so that more people can participate in the live sessions and Q&A.

Getting started with Loki (EMEA)

Thursday, October 21, at 10:00 CET / 08:00 UTC

In this webinar you’ll hear about the key benefits of Loki and get a live demo of the new set of query language features that lets you extract more labels at query time to allow for query possibilities only limited by your imagination! You’ll also learn how to create metrics from logs and alert on your logs with powerful Prometheus-style alerting rules.

Register here for the webinar.

Managing privacy in log data with Grafana Loki (APAC)

Wednesday, October 20 at 13:00 AET, 03:00 UTC

Laws for data privacy are complex and rapidly changing. Organizations can struggle to understand their responsibilities, implement the correct privacy strategy, and define which data must be part of it. Regulations such GDPR or CCPA consider log aggregation platforms as data stores, so they need to be included in readiness assessments. During this webinar, we will see how Grafana Loki can help organizations meet these requirements.

Register here for the webinar.