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How we’re supporting the success of our community and customers with our recent funding rounds

How we’re supporting the success of our community and customers with our recent funding rounds

24 Aug, 2021 2 min

This morning, we announced that Grafana Labs has raised $220 million in Series C funding. As with our previous rounds in 2019 and 2020, this funding will enable us to focus on accelerating the development of our open source observability platform and supporting the success of our community and our customers.

Here’s one example of how we’re pushing toward those goals: Earlier this year, we launched an “actually useful,” forever-free tier of Grafana Cloud that provides the industry’s most generous no-cost, fully managed observability stack, with 50GB of Loki logs, 10,000 series of Prometheus metrics, and 3 Grafana dashboard users included. Now, we’re adding 50GB of traces to the free plan, leveraging our Grafana Tempo OSS project, which recently became generally available for production use. 

It’s easy for companies to say, “Just put metrics, logs, and tracing together for observability nirvana,” but we know it’s not that easy. As with Loki, our open source logging solution, our vision for tracing was to use Prometheus to inspire our approach. We’re especially proud of the velocity of the Tempo project, which went from launch to 1.0 in just 8 months. It’s a testament to our commitment to investing in open source and to constantly delivering what our users need. 

Seven years ago, Grafana Labs started with a single open source project. With its sleek dashboards and user-friendly interface, Grafana revolutionized data visualization, making metrics more accessible to everyone within an organization. Since then, we’ve built out our open observability platform to include logs with Loki and traces with Tempo, and integrations with more than a hundred disparate data sources. 

We’ve also recently added k6, the company behind the open source load-testing tool, and, a team known for creating tools with great developer experience, to the Grafana Labs family. We can’t wait to share with you what we are building together. 

To the Grafana Labs team: Thank you for your hard work and passion, which have made this company what it is today. 

To our investors new and old: Thank you for believing in Grafana Labs and our mission. 

And to our community of users and customers: With this additional round of funding, we’re excited to continue on this journey to help you redefine what modern visibility and observability mean to you. Thank you for constantly inspiring us.